Classroom News 

1/2 News 

Pancake Tuesday! 

The 1/2 had a very yummy Pancake Tuesday. We learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and wrote acrostic poems. We also learnt how to make Pancakes and then got to taste some. 



1/2 Class Buddy Bear 

The 1/2's where so excited to meet our class bear this week! 

One student a week (in no particular order) will take home Buddy the bear and a class journal. Buddy will be taken home only over weekends and will return the following school day. The purpose of Buddy is for students to further engage with our school learning dispositions, in particular ‘Responsibility’. Students need to make sure Buddy returns to school safely, with a written journal entry your child has completed about Buddy Bear’s journey. They then share this with the class. Please encourage students to use Colorful Semantics in their writing. More information will be kept at the front of the journal.



P-2 Need your help! 

If you have any old, small appliances at home and would like to donate them to P-2 'Discovery Learning Center' could you please bring them in to either Bethany, Alexandra or Ann we would really appreciate it!