My Work Station

Cadell Duke  6CD

Co-workers: Peta, Bodhi and Finn

Where I work: I have set up my work station in my boy’s bedroom, as it also allows me to keep an eye on what they’re doing. I quite like the set-up, as it is away from the living area of our house, thus it is somewhere I can go for some peace and quiet when I need to work, or avoid the dishes.

Work snacks: I am still eating way too many Easter Eggs. I love my Salada with Vegemite and too much butter, as well my Grain (Brain) Waves and dip.

Music to motivate me: Something for Kate (Any Album), MUSE, Pearl Jam… not many of these get a run in my house anymore, so I have learnt to like what my co-workers like.

What I like about working from home: As much as we are facing challenges we have never experienced before, I am loving the fact that it has made us realise and appreciate the importance of daily interaction. We will hopefully be able to enjoy this again soon and will never take it for granted again.

What I miss: I truly miss people, literally everyone that is part of Malvern PS. The part of teaching which is most enjoyable, is the ability to communicate, share, laugh and sometimes cry with students. Life is all about building relationships, and every relationship I have at Malvern PS, I am missing terribly. Love to all and stay safe, you are all doing an amazing job.


Sonia Schinck Prep SS

Co-workers:    My dog Lenny likes to help in Google Classroom!

Where I work:    I like to work at my dinner table.

Work snacks:    I like to eat lots of chocolate and drink coffee.

Music to motivate me:    I love the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams.

What I like about working from home:    I eat all day!

What I miss:    I miss my beautiful class and sharing my terrible jokes!


Mr Napier Assistant Principal

Co-workers:  Eddie & Lulu

Where I work: My dining room

Work snacks: My children’s Easter eggs

Music to motivate me: The Best of Burt Bacharach

What I like about working from home: I get to spend so much quality time with my family!!!

What I miss: Four people using Zoom and Microsoft Teams at the same time.