Camp Quality 

Change of Date - Thursday 29th July

Hi parents and carers! 


We’re writing from Camp Quality to let you know that our Primary School Education Program has been invited to perform at your child’s school. 

At Camp Quality our services and programs are made specifically to help children 0-13 who are impacted by a cancer diagnosis, that their own, or the diagnosis of someone they love like a brother, sister, mum or dad. At no cost to schools, parents or students - our vivacious and loveable puppets, Kylie, Dean and Melissa visit schools to help support children affected by cancer. The puppets dispel myths and misconceptions that are commonly associated with the illness. Since 1988 our program has visited schools across Australia, sharing an interactive, engaging narrative that explains: 

•             The ins and outs of cancer

•             Why their peer who has undergone treatment may look a little different

(due to the side effects of chemotherapy)

•             Why it’s important to be supportive of their classmate who is either living with cancer or has a diagnosed parent or sibling

•             That cancer isn’t contagious, so it’s ok to play

•             The importance of positivity and recognising our own strengths

“It took away the stigma and fear from cancer. As we have a student at our school being treated for leukaemia, it helped the children understand what she is going through and why she has lost her hair. Having an understanding of the disease has certainly increased the empathy in the other children too.” - Primary school principal 

“The manner in which the show addresses cancer is age appropriate while clearly articulating the facts. It has helped me to be able to talk about cancer in a positive and reassuring manner”- Primary school teacher 

Following the performance, students are encouraged to ask questions and share their concerns. While we are able to answer most of their questions and concerns, we provide teachers with resources to supplement the performance and aid classroom discussion. If any concerns arise after the performance, please feel free to contact us. 

If you would like more information about the program or would like to see a clip of our puppets in action, please visit  You’re also welcome to contact us by emailing or calling 1300 662 267. 

As a not-for-profit charity, all services come at no financial cost to the families we support. We rely heavily on the generosity of everyday Australians to keep our programs running. To donate, please visit our website.

Need help talking about cancer at home?

The Kids’ Guide to Cancer app has been developed to support children age 8-13 who have a parent, sibling, friend or loved one with cancer. Providing them with age appropriate information, the app answers some of the big questions kids have about cancer and gives them ideas on how they might be able to support their loved one.