From the Classroom

Grade One

The next learning pack has begun and this time it is in a booklet format. Students are able to work through the days learning and tick off their success on the front page. 

It is important that students continue to read aloud daily. This will build confidence as well as fluency and phrasing. Rereading familiar books is key to building smooth reading where students can experiment with expression. 

This week I have included daily handwriting practice for students to continue as this is a focus with school writing times. There is also a revision focus of the digraph ‘th’ as part of our sounds/phonics. 

In Numeracy there are addition worksheets as well as some fill in the number; before and after. Students are more than welcome to practice skip counting as well as roll other addition sums in their green exercise book. 

Most tasks should be independent for students to work through. Our Classroom Meets will be daily from 9:30-11am. Within this time students are able to connect socially to their peers as well as teachers. I will also be explaining learning tasks and working with students to complete learning. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about learning if there something unknown or needed.

It is expected that everyone will join the meet at some point during this time. The link will be open for students to enter and exit as they please. It is not compulsory to stay in the meet the whole hour and a half. We are however asking that students make an appearance. Microphones and cameras may be turned off if this is more comfortable for students/families. Teachers can still see the list of students in the meeting to mark attendance. If you have any questions about the Classroom Meets please don’t hesitate to contact me via email located on the cover page of the learning pack. 

Google Classroom is also up and running. This is the app next to the Meet app. Students can access this at any time. When accessing always click CLASSWORK. This will present you with the topics of learning. There are links students can access relevant to their learning. At this stage there are Brain Breaks, How to Draw and a Technology topic to choose. I will show the students during Meets how to access this and what is available.


Keep up the great learning!