Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Families, 


While returning to remote learning is becoming an all too familiar feeling, my key advice remains the same - focus on what matters most, do your best, encourage your children to have a go at the learning tasks provided by teachers and pick your battles at home! Do contact the school if you have any concerns or you need clarification around tasks. 

Our amazing staff are working hard to ensure that families will feel connected and that tasks to be completed at home will be user friendly and well supported by their presence either online or via email.

Staff do appreciate your support and the flexible and adaptable approach you have shown to remote learning. I have included some health & wellbeing links on the Wellbeing Page.


The Department has three key messages for us:

  1. Monitor attendance. Teachers will be checking in with all students online through Google Classroom/Google Meet. The teachers will then mark the roll. If your child is not participating in remote learning on any particular day, please ring or email the school so that we can record the absence. This time, teachers are obliged to contact families if the children have unexplained absence.
  2. Wellbeing. Schools are to do daily check-ins with students to ensure they feeling comfortable and supported.
  3. Teaching and Learning. It is expected that the learning tasks are scaffolded to meet your child’s needs. Please contact the teachers if you have any concerns, require assistance or changes to the learning activities. Those students involved in the Tutor Learning Initiative will be contacted to participate in online sessions with their Tutor. 

As soon as we receive any updates on when students return to onsite learning, I will let you know. Please check your emails for updates. 



OSHC is operating. If you require this service, please ring Toni-Maree on 0448585568



Once again, the Cross Country which was to be held this Friday has been postponed. We will advise you on a date when this s confirmed. 



These will take place from Monday 2nd August until Friday 6th August. Please go online using the link provided:

and the Event Code: d2ur7


Select the times that suit you, you can book back-to-back sessions if you like. Interviews will take place in person if possible, however if restrictions continue, they will be done via the phone. Please keep this in mind when selecting your time preferences. 


Please continue to look out for updates from the school via your email throughout the week as this is our tool to stay in touch. We are absolutely committed to working with our families as we move through these challenging times.

I am onsite all week, so please don't hesitate to email or call the school if you have any concerns.


Regards Heather