Principal's Report

Dear families,



On Monday night, the P & F held their AGM. Thank you to those who attended, we certainly have a dedicated group of people with the school's best interests at heart. Congratulations to the following Office Bearers.

President:                               Keira Birchmore

Secretary:                               Danielle Calvert

Treasurer:                               Amanda Davies

Book Club Coordinator:      Erin Brown



Parents & Friends will be holding a Hamburger Day on Friday 31st March.

  • Hamburger with cheese
  • Hamburger with the lot
  • Veggie Burger
  • Cost $4 each
  • Orders on Qkr by Wednesday 29th
  • Funds raised will go towards document cameras for the classroom.   






Once again P & F will be holding a Mother’s Day Stall and will be asking for donations suitable for the stall.



On Monday 27th March at 6pm we will be holding our AGM where the Annual Report will be presented. Following the AGM, we will hold the first meeting of our newly formed Council. Light refreshments will be provided. 



Currently, we are using Skool Loop as one of our communication platforms. If you haven’t done so already, please download this app. It is very user friendly!

It enables you to inform the school of absences, receive reminders, access the newsletter, access the calendar of events and even add your name to the Breakfast Roster. 



Thank you to our volunteers this week, Dani Calvert, Jacinta Young and Rachelle  Robinson. You certainly made my job a lot easier. Diners were very impressed with the speed of delivery. 



On Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, Gab Pirie and I will be attending sessions based around Mental Health in Primary Schools. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been completing the online pre course work. 



Each week at assembly, a class has been presenting a small performance. Tomorrow will be the students in Mrs. Thorn's 1/2 class.


YOU CAN DO IT - Ways to promote a growth mindset

In our social and emotional intelligence classes, we have been looking at goal setting and having a growth mindset instead of a fixed one. We have defined this as, knowing that we can take on challenges to ‘grow’ our brain much like any muscle in the body. Positive self-talk is another key component of a growth mindset. By encouraging kids to talk positively about challenges, you can help them build confidence and resilience. Teach kids to focus on their efforts and progress, rather than their mistakes or setbacks. Questions after school that can support this might be:

What made you laugh today?

What was the best part of your day?

What is the most interesting thing you learned today?

What was the hardest thing you did today?

What did you try hard at today?

What did you do today that made you think hard?


This last one is a great opportunity to follow up with some of the language we use in You Can Do It, if your child hasn’t experienced success – things like ‘You can’t do it yet’, ormistakes are a way for us to learn’.


Have a lovely weekend.

Regards Heather