From our School Leaders

A word from our School Leaders


Ilya, Sophie, Amy, Valentina

The Social Justice leaders have been very busy lately. Throughout Lent we presented prayer liturgies each week and encouraged everyone to raise money for Caritas. In the last week of Term 1, we ran a coin line and the classes put down all the money that they had collected in their Project Compassion boxes. We raised an amazing $1018.00 and we presented a big cheque to a lady who worked for Caritas.



Gabe, Olivia, Marleen and Keira

As your Art Captains, we have worked hard to set up Art Club, which is on every Tuesday. As you probably know, we have separate Junior and Senior Art Club, because of Covid Restrictions and to be able to teach art more easily. During Term 1 we did some great things like origami, anime drawing and paper butterflies.


In Week 6 and 7 Gabe will be hosting the Art Club. Gabe will teach the Juniors cartoons, and the Seniors will be taught computer art. Computer Art is just art, put in a computer, such as: Pixel Art, Vector Art, Computer Animation, etc. For Week 7, we will be focusing on Pixel Art.


Weeks 4, 5, and 8 will be hosted by Marleen, Keira and Liv and will be mainly origami, zentangles, shape art and a surprise in week 9 and 10.


We can’t wait to see you guys all in the Art Club and contributing to all the art activities we set for you.



Emily, Neve and Marishka

The Environmental Leaders have been interested in the vegie garden. We have composted some of the old tomatoes and made zucchini chips, which were yummy. We will be introducing compost bins in all classes next week and we are planning to plant vegetables in the garden that we will be able to use to cook with.



Leon, Mahli, Georgie, Lucia, Sam, Lucy, Hamish and Lavinia

Last term we ran successful morning fitness activities every Monday morning. All the sports captains got together and organized fun events for the school to enjoy. When the school got together we separated into our colours Siena (Blue), Padua (Red), Nagle (Yellow) and Xavier (Green) and had different activities to keep everyone fit and healthy. We did things like running an obstacle course around the adventure playground, we played games, did basketball shooting, and running. In term 2, all 8 of our Sports Leaders have many great ideas of more great things to do. 



Klara, Amelie, Kristian and Tarun

In Term One we began Coding Club with the Preps and then Year Ones. We used Bee Bots. Then we had the 3/4s and around 20 or so attended. We met with Mrs Campbell to plan and discuss what we could do. 


In Term 2, we will be having the 5/6s until week 8, then the 3/4s and lastly the 1/2s. We won't be rotating this time per week, because if we did it’d be a long wait. In Term Two we will be using Minecraft. For 5/6s, we will be using Minecraft Education Edition and expand upon their knowledge of the game and learn code while doing it.

For the Preps we will be using Bee Bots again. 

It is all really good fun.