Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart School Community




The news we had all been hoping for, was announced yesterday by our Acting Premier, when he confirmed that all schools would be reopening tomorrow, Friday 11th June for all student's onsite learning. I am sure I heard a collective sigh of relief emanating from households were families have been homeschooling their children, and teachers have been educating their students remotely.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our families for the way you have adhered to the state government's protocols and educated your children at home. I would like to thank you for the calmness you have shown in challenging times and working so cooperatively with the teachers. Again through your efforts and the professionalism of our staff, your children continued to learn and develop new skills. 


QR Code

When we held our first Assembly earlier this term, we trialled a new system for parents to check in using the Victorian Government's QR code for Sacred Heart. 


Yesterday the Acting Premier announced that QR codes will be compulsory in all work places. This of course includes schools and will help contact tracers in the hopefully very unlikely event, there is a positive case in our school community. 


As most of us are well used to using these QR codes in businesses and restaurants nowadays, will ask that when you are entering our school building no matter how long the duration, you use your phone to check in using the QR code for Sacred Heart School. If you do not have a phone, we will have a register of attendance that we ask you to complete.  


The QR code will be displayed on the glass entrance doors and on the school noticeboard.


Can I remind all parents and adults, that in accordance with the state government's regulations, you wear a face mask when entering the school building as well please. 


Monday Public Holiday

Please remember that this Monday 14th June, is the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday. I sincerely hope that now lockdown restrictions have eased, you can have an enjoyable long weekend.


Thank you

As I reiterated in the newsletter last year, our staff don't look for pats on the back or messengers bearing gifts. However over the course of the last twelve months the number of emails we have received, parents and guardians saying thanks and messengers bearing gifts has been gratefully accepted. Today a couple of dozen Crispy Creams arrived as a gift from one of our families. Can I assure you Dessy and Mark, even though Marty was about to munch into his "THIRD" (Liz her first), there will be plenty for the staff who come in tomorrow.




Happy Birthday

This morning Marie didn't let lockdown stop her celebrating her birthday, when she organised an online breakfast celebration with her Year Three/Four class.




Please stay safe.



Mark Tierney






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