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Payment Process and Closing Dates for Excursions and Activities via Compass

Camps, Excursions, and other school based activities that have a financial charge associated with them fall under the Extra-Curricular Items and Activities category of fees and are offered to students on a ‘user pays’ basis. They are offered in addition to the standard curriculum.


Cut off dates for payment and consent on Compass are set by the school to assist us in meeting our financial and duty of care requirements for each event. In support of meeting these obligations, we will not extend due dates for events or take late payments.


Administration staff send an email to families when the event is published and a reminder email five days prior to the event closing date. Students are also reminded by their classroom teachers about events and when payment and consent must be received. If payment or consent is not received by the due date, your child will be excluded from the activity and will be supervised by teachers at school.


If you have received CSEF funding and would like to allocate it towards a Compass Event, or have credit on your family statement that you would like to use, please contact Jacinta D’Avoine (Revenue Administrator) 9430 5118 or email to arrange for the allocation to be processed. 


Please ensure that if payment is made via CSEF, credit allocation or an alternate method to Compass, please ensure that you consent via Compass prior to the closing date once the allocation has been made or payment has been receipted by the school.


If you are having issues accessing Compass, please contact the school for assistance. Thank you for your support with this matter.

CATHERINE ZERNA, Finance Manager


Nillumbik Disability Inclusion e-Network

The Nillumbik Disability Inclusion e-network shares news of local events, activities and opportunities of interest to the disability community. 


To join the e-network, subscribe, call or text the Disability Inclusion team on 0438 277 428 or email Please click on the link below to see a full list of Nillumbik disability inclusion news and events.


Nillumbik disability inclusion news and events. (

SUE PICKETT, Additional Needs Coordinator


Canteen Announcements

Due to an additional price increase from our main bakery supplier the

Canteen will unfortunately need to raise its prices on its bakery goods, hot food and bread rolls. 

Please be advised that the following items will carry a price increase from Tuesday 25 July.

Banana Bread$3.00
Vegemite Cheese Scroll$3.50
Doughnuts $4.00
Sweet Slice$4.00
Smartie Cookies$4.20
Apple Cake$4.20
Bacon & Egg Muffin$5.00
Sausage Rolls$4.30
Spinach & Ricotta Rolls$4.30
All Pies$5.50
Vegan Wholemeal Pasty $5.50
Ham, Cheese, Tomato Sandwich$4.80
Cheese & Salad Rolls$7.00
Ham & Salad Rolls$7.00


Monday:             Hot Dogs with Cheese - $4.50 (tomato sauce included in price)

Tuesday:             Fried Rice - $6.00 (Vegetarian options available)

Wednesday:      Chicken Parmigiana Rolls or Mushroom Parmigiana Rolls - $7.00

Thursday:           Beef Burritos or Vegetarian Burritos - $7.00

Friday:                 Burgers - Veggie Pattie, Chicken or Beef- $7.00



Grounds Committee 

Committee Meeting DateWorking Bee Date
Thursday 17 AugustSunday 27 August
Thursday 14 SeptemberSunday 15 October
Thursday 23 NovemberSunday 3 December

Our EHS Grounds Committee is always looking for new members. We’d particularly like to hear from anyone in the school community with experience or interest in helping us develop a strategic plan for the school grounds to guide our activities over the coming years. If you'd like to get more involved with the school community and help with planning the school outdoor areas and gardens, please contact Anna Panas at


Meetings are held on a Thursday evening at the school prior to each working bee.

ANNA PANAS, On Behalf of the Grounds Committee


Microsoft's Premium Surface Slim Pen 2

Microsoft's premium Surface Slim Pen 2 is equipped with an easily removable pen tip. Removal is intended only for pen tip replacement. Excessive (500 or more) removal+ reinsertion cycles of the pen tip can damage the internal parts of the pen and lead to inking failures. Pen failure due to excessive removal and reinsertion cycles is not covered under the product warranty. 


Please contact the I.T Helpdesk at if you have any further questions.


2023 Term Dates

Term 3:

Starts: 10 July

Finishes: 15 September


Term 4:

Starts: 2 October

Finishes: 20 December (Dependent on Year level) 


2023 Clubs and Activities