Auslan Extra!


Hello families, carers and the Armstrong Creek community, 


Hope this finds you all well – I been wondering how you all have been going with the family and weather vocabulary? 


Wow, where did the time go and who would believe the holidays are just around the corner, who is excited? I can say I am, especially with the onset of summer weather, I just love the hot weather (let’s hope we will see many of these types of days). 


I just wanted to share with you that I am extremely excited for 2022. With Auslan Extra, the plan is to share a variety of videos each fortnight - these will include me explaining what is Auslan, and how do we use it and ways to practise at home with family and friends. In the second edition,  two or three students from Year 6 will create the videos. Your child(ren) may just be famous celebrities down the track as each fortnight, the goal is to have each year level participate and enjoying a similar opportunity.


As I mentioned in the last newsletter, this video is related to a Christmas themes. It is not me, it one of friends of mine who is happy to share her video. Enjoy!


I would like to wish you all a very happy safe holiday and I look forward to seeing your kids in 2022. 


Christmas words in Auslan (Lisa Mills)


Stay safe,