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Year 7 students Amarah Bidingal and Jamelia Ashley

My home:

My name is Amarah Bidingal and I come from Elcho Island in the Northern Territory and I have one little brother named Nowell and my mum and dad. My cousin / uncle Kevin came to MITS last year.


Camp Manyung
Camp Manyung

Three words to describe me:

Funny, caring and kind!


Best memory from MITS so far:

I have really enjoyed doing homework because it is helping my brain learn and get better at my schoolwork.


Advice to future MITS students:

MITS is a good place for a great education and you make lifelong friends!


Highlight of time in Melbourne so far:

Camp Manyung because it was fun. We played a lot of games and my favourite was Ga Ga!

Ga ga at camp
Ga ga at camp


Biggest challenge:

Doing all the different subjects in class and having Covid.


Greatest achievement:

Completing all my Maths work.