Parent's voice

Thank you to all our amazing Parent’s Committee class convenors and volunteers this year!  Could not have done it without you. 


What a great year it was with the Election BBQ, Bastille Day, Diwali, Uniform shop, Pains aux Chocolat, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls and the End of Year Party. 


We are pleased we advise that we raised  $14,774 from the End of Year Party and we are underway on our plans to refresh the toilets and contribute to some playground safety upgrades. 


Plans are already on foot for an even better 2023 at CJC.  Starting on the first day back where the Parent’s Committee will be putting on 1st Day Back / We Survived the School Holidays Coffee in the morning from 8.45 to 9.30. See you all there.  


Wishing you all a Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year, festive season and school holidays. 


Amy Pate, Rachael Hart and Anne-Sophie Aguado, PC Executive Team


CJC Engagement and Communication Survey Results



Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the Engagement and Communication survey in September 2022. 

The School Community Engagement Subcommittee is delighted to have received 121 responses! With about 300 families at CJC, these responses represent 40% of participation.


We would like to share with you how your responses have influenced the School Council's decision-making, strategies and policies for next year. 


Problems that the survey addresses:

  1. How can we increase parent / carer volunteers’ engagement at the school?
  2. How can we increase the attendance at events?
  3. How can we improve the communication between school and parents?


Parents & carers shared the below insights:


Engagement: Volunteering & Attending school events


  1. 86% of Parents / Carers wish to volunteer, contribute, attend and participate but 43% lack free time, information, communication and training
  2. 59% of Parents / Carers would like to see more school fetes and parents / carers social events
  3. 34% of Parents / Carers would like to see events at more convenient time
  4. 50% of Parents / Carers need early notification so that they can organise their schedule and participate
  5. Parents / Carers’ preferred day &  time to attend events is Friday after school
  6. Parents / Carers’ preferred day & time to volunteer is Friday morning and afternoon
  7. Appetite for more French cultural events, and to continue with the various diverse events




  1. 75% of parents are satisfied by the communication at CJC
  2. Parents / Carers’s preferred channels of communication are - in the following order: Compass, WhatsApp, Newsletter and Emails
  3. Some parents / carers find it hard sometimes to locate important information when they need it as there are many channels of communication that differs between grades
  4. Parents / Carers’ main priorities are their child’s academic development (schoolwork and achievement (97%), followed by classroom activities & photo (84%) curriculum and learning program (83%))
  5. 100% of parents / carers would like to hear more about their child’s learning progress and  curriculum

Survey Findings 


  • Collect and Record in a centralised location, all volunteering information, schedules, how parents can help,and/or how they can register and more.
  • Design an events process to help families access,view and follow up on any future events
  • Standardise the communication channels (clear, simple,accessible)  to help parents access the information they need, when they, and follow up on their child’s life at CJC.

What will we do next?

Your feedback included great insights. The CJC Community Engagement subcommittee has presented these findings to the School Council and School Leadership.

Starting early next year, the subcommittee team together with the School leadership will explore possible solutions to answer the 3 survey findings to better meet the school community needs and wishes. We will then work on implementing those solutions  in the new school year.


If you would like to be part of this working group next year, feel free to contact Anne-Sophie Aguado or Maud Rocher, co-convenors of the School Engagement Subcommittee, via your class convenors.

Thanks again for your participation and enjoy the holidays.