OGEA Stars

OGEA Star Awards

OGEA STAR awards are peer submitted recognitions of the hard work and above and beyond attitude seen in so many of our colleagues in the day to day. We pause to take a moment to recognize those around us that make the sun shine a little brighter at work. Here are some of our STARS recognized so far this year in OGEA. Thank you to our STARS and to those that took the time to recognize them.


You can submit your STAR colleague through our website www.ogea.org/star


Ashlee DradyDavisCoachAshlee consistently supports all staff! She goes above and beyond for everyone. Her calm and quiet coaching inspires.
Cheri KinkhorstBaldwin3rd GradeCheri has been beyond generous in sharing her resources with colleagues! She filled in gaps when my SEAL combo unit fell short, provided curriculum for Saturday Academy and simply just shared material and ideas on a regular basis. Thank you for being supportive, kind and reliable!
Debbie CogliandroTaylor2nd GradeDebbie has taken on the new RSP push-in program for the past 2 years. She has all 2nd grade RSP students in her room and works with the RS daily to meets all their varied needs! Her elevated teaching has made a huge difference in students with special needs.
Julie CordyTaylor1st GradeJulie has jumped to SEAL this year despite not being at a SEAL site. She has successfully planned and implemented her first unit and is modeling new literacy instructional techniques for her grade level team. All of this has created a fun and engaged classroom environment.
Jennifer MillerSanta Teresa2nd GradeJen is always welcoming to special ed students. She is a fabulous mainstream partner, giving her general education students a wonderful opportunity to be role models for students with significant learning challenges. My students have gained so much by interacting with her kids. Thank you, Ms Miller!
Karina CardenasFrostKinder TeacherKarina is a busy kinder teacher, but has found time to contribute and give back to OGEA through the elections committee. Thank you for making the time to participate in your union!
Brenna JuullOak Ridge5th GradeBrenna has taken on the organizing chair position with enthusiasm and pride. She has accomplished a great deal in such a short amount of time. Thank you for being a part of OGEA!
Sara OverbyChristopher4th GradeSara has done an amazing job jumping into the organizing chair position. Working together with her co-chair she has accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Thank you for being a part of OGEA and making a difference!
RoseAnn GriffinOak RidgeTK/K SDCRoseAnn volunteered to go to Science Camp to help support our 6th graders in our SDC classes. Every day she went above and beyond to support students. She was up before dawn and last to go to bed. RoseAnn is a crucial part of their success at camp and every day.
Gina NguyenStipe1st GradeGina has such a quiet kindness to her that allows others (colleagues, parents, and students) to feel comfortable,. If you need something done, one knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that if you ask Gina it’ll get done correctly, on time, and she’ll never want an ounce of credit or attention given to her.