Bargaining News

Tentative Agreements

The tentative agreements were ratified by an overwhelming majority of OGEA members.  Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in organizing actions to make this contract a reality.


The Bargaining Process:  What now?

Your OGEA Bargaining Team has a date to review and proofread the final version of the new contract now that it has been ratified.  We will meet with the district on January 10th to do this. New copies of the contract should be out shortly after January 10th.


This is a three year contract.  However, we have the right to bargain over salary, benefits and one more article of our choice in the contract.  As such, the bargaining process will begin again in late March or early April. Look for surveys ahead of time asking what your priorities, as the members of OGEA, are in the next round of negotiations.


How can you, as a member of OGEA, help get good settlements in the next round of negotiations?  


One of the main problems in Oak Grove is a lack of money.  Each year revenue has declined due to decreasing enrollment.  While we certainly must hold management responsible for making good decisions with the budget, we also need to be actively looking for ways to help Oak Grove increase revenue.  The parcel tax is a major opportunity to help increase funding for our schools. This will help us with compensation, class sizes, support services, and maintaining programs and staff.  Make sure you are contributing to the OGEA PAC fund. Sign up to volunteer in the parcel tax campaign.  Look for information and updates from our Organizing Team.  Donate to the parcel tax campaign directly. All of these things can make a difference.  Our students deserve this funding.


Another thing you can do is support the Schools and Communities First campaign that is being run by CTA.  If this qualifies for the ballot and passes, it will make corporations pay their fair share in property taxes.  This could have a benefit of over $6,000,000 annually to our district. Make sure you have signed the petition and get your friends and family to sign it too.  Spread the word on social media. Check out and the top 3 messages about this initiative.