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Cyber Safety Project

Next Wednesday 2nd March we are lucky enough to have secured the Cyber Safety Project to visit and educate the students of Corpus Christi.


Last year, the Cyber Safety Project educated our students on 'Digital Safety.' This year, they are returning to Corpus Christi with a focus on 'Digital Wellbeing.'


Below is the focus for each Learning Community:


Year Prep - 2

Students will learn to be independent with technology and establish strategies to self manage screen time. It starts with the promotion of a healthy balance and exploring what our bodies and minds need to live a healthy lifestyle. 


Year  3/4

Finding a digital balance and managing their own digital lives starts with tuning into what's drawing us back. Students will discover techniques, apps and games developers use to capture and sustain our attention and how activating settings in online profiles can help us take control of our technology use.


Year 5/6

Connecting and playing online presents complex social pressures for young people. Through interactive roleplays, students will discover ways they can be responsible to keep themselves, friends and family safe online through activating simple profile settings. They will discover the need to show integrity online when faced with digital dilemmas and show strength to manage peer pressure in various online scenarios.

Year 3 Parent & Child Chrome Book Information Evening

The day is fast approaching!

We will be holding our information evening next Wednesday 2nd March at 5:30pm.


Year 3 Students and their Parents (as well as any new students/parents) to Corpus Christi from Years 4-6 are invited to attend our Chromebook Information Evening where they will receive their new Chromebooks!


We have been lucky enough to invite the team from the Cyber Safety Project who will run the majority of the session. The aim of the Cyber Safety Project is to enable teachers, parents and families to ensure children can participate safely in the digital world.


We will also provide details of the Chromebook Program, as well as allow time for any questions that may arise. 


At the end of each session, each student along with their parent/guardian in attendance must sign off on a Chromebook Agreement before the Chromebook is received. 


Due to our current COVIDSafe Plan, we ask that only one parent attends along with their child.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Lauren Borg

e-Learning/Student Well-being Leader