Student Well-being 

Year 1/2 Community

In the Year 1/2 community, we have been focusing on Traffic Lights to monitor our emotions.


We know red light means we might be feeling frustrated or angry, yellow light means we might be feeling upset or nervous and green light means we are feeling calm and happy.

We know if we are feeling in the red or yellow zone we can act on a "cool-down strategy" to make us feel better. 


Some of the cool-down strategies we thought of were taking 3 deep breaths, relaxing in the quiet corner, reading a book, getting some fresh air or telling a friend or teacher.


We know if we tell a friend or teacher about our worries it makes them smaller.

'Cool down' strategies at home

  • Try designating a corner in a typically quiet room in your home as your child’s new calm down corner.
  • Fill the space with a soft rug or mat, bean bag chair, or other plush options for sitting or lying down, and with some of your child’s favorite books, stuffed animals or quiet toys.
  • If your child is older, you can utilise short bookcases to help block the space out to provide your child with some privacy.
  • Create a cool down chart that you may refer to when your child needs to cool/calm down (example below)
  • Create a 'calm down' box. A calm down box has a variety of emotional regulation tools, sensory items and toys that a child may like to use when they are being encouraged to regulate their emotions or to calm down from an upset.
  • Playdough and Sensory Bottles are great items to pop in a calm box, there are recipes/instructions below

Lauren Borg

e-Learning/Student Well-being Leader