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Saver Plus

Can $500 help with school expenses? 


Saver Plus is a program that teaches people good savings habits and provides money management tools. Eligible families save $50 / month over ten months and also complete a short money management program online, at home in your own time.  At the end of the program, ANZ provides $500 in matched funding for school and extracurricular expenses, like uniform, swimming lesson, ipads and more.   The program has been running for 17 years and has many fantastic outcomes, including helping and encouraging parents to talk to children about money from a young age – as early as preschool and primary school, right through the high school years.   When parents role model good money behaviours and have open conversations about the household budget, this helps children be better equipped to manage their money as they grow, and can help establish good money habits for life. 


To be eligible, you must have a current Health Care card or concession card, be receiving Centrelink benefits, have children at school or studying yourself, have regular income (either your or your partner) or be receiving child support payments.  Our local co-ordinator is Tina McElligott 0439 585 702, or visit the website for more information.