A Message from David...

It has been a hectic time the past few weeks at AGPS but it remains so wonderful to have all of our community back on-site together. The students and teachers have been working tirelessly to make the most of this term and we have continued to hold a number of fun events and activities and are planning future events to further build connection and enthusiasm for all of the students.

Prep Transition

Whether they had oversized backpacks, were clinging to mum's legs or bounding ahead with giant smiles, it was wonderful seeing some of our 2021 preps enter our school grounds for our first transition session. The new students settled in really well to the classroom and I loved seeing them all having fun and making friends. Thank you to Teagan and Ann for their wonderful job with our newest members of the AGPS community.


We look forward to meeting the remaining 2021 Prep students at our 2nd transition session next Tuesday.

2021 Enrolments

If your child(ren) will not be returning to AGPS in 2021 it would be greatly appreciated if you could inform the office as soon as possible as this information will help us greatly with planning.

Parent Opinion Survey

The survey closes today. If you have not already done the survey - stop reading and please go and complete it now! It only takes 20 minutes and we would love to have as many parents as possible complete it as it provides a really important data set for us in our planning. 


Thank you to all those that have already completed it.


Our teachers are currently working on writing the Semester 2 reports for all of the students.


The Department of Education and Training has recently adjusted the expectations around student reporting for Semester 2 in recognition of the continued disruption caused by COVID-19.


We will therefore provide a modified written report for the parent/carer of each student enrolled at the school for Semester 2, 2020 focusing on what progress has been made and what has been achieved by each child.


Reports will include:

  • a description of the areas of the Victorian Curriculum;
  • a comment on student participation and engagement in the learning program offered;
  • for English and Mathematics:
    • student achievement information;
    • progress shown from the last time these curriculum areas were reported on;
    • a five-point scale.
  • for all other curriculum areas taught:
    • a short comment on progress and achievement across the Semester.

The reports will go live on Compass to parents and carers on the 11th of December.

Step Up Days

On Thursday next week we are having our first step-up day. This is an opportunity for all of our students to experience a taste of what the next year level will be like and to work with a range of other children in the school. It is also an opportunity for the staff to see how combinations of students work together as we work towards creating class lists for 2021.


Please note that the class that your child is in during this step-up session is not their 2021 class and the teacher they have is not their 2021 classroom teacher. We are still organising class lists and teacher placements and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks. We are aiming to get this information out to everyone in the 2nd last week of school.



I hope you all have a great weekend. Take care.