Level 1/2

Level 1

This week students were very excited to see their peers and teachers online at their class Webex meetings. They all had big smiles on their faces and were able to socialize and introduce their favourite teddy bear to the class. 


In Literacy, students finished writing their step-by-step narrative piece and have shown teachers their wonderful editing skills. In reading, students were asked to reflect on the book ‘Duck! Rabbit!’ and used their perception to decide which animal they believed it was and to describe why.  


In Maths we learnt about topics: Australian money and graphs. Students enjoyed learning about the value of money and the difference between notes and coins. Students also learnt how to interpret the data from graphs and tally charts and how to answer questions from this information. 


In Inquiry, students expanded their knowledge on how they can save the environment. We learnt why we shouldn’t be using single-use plastics and about the 4th ‘R’ repair and why it is important to fix things if they are broken.  


Students used their creativity to make cards for Mother’s Day and took part in activities celebrating their Mum or a special person in their life. 




Level 2

In Level 2, the students prepared for Mother’s Day remotely. They wrote special letters and prepared creative cards.


The students were very excited when they participated in WebEx meetings. It was lovely to see our student’s faces and hear their voices.


During Literacy sessions students have explored a variety of text types. They have been able to respond to reading through imaginative tasks. Weekly spelling has continued with students practising words in different ways.


In Mathematics the students have explored volume and area through hands on activities.

Some students also took on the Lego challenge set by Mr Evans who runs the Lego Club.

We are very proud of how our students are engaging in their learning during this time.