From the Office

Return to Face to Face Learning


PROTOCOLS FOR RETURNING TO SCHOOL (based on AHPPC recommendations), the following principles will apply: 

  • No child should attend school if they are unwell or if other family members are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Taking temperatures of students is not required, however if any students display symptoms that they are unwell during the day, parents will be contacted by the School to collect them immediately.
  • The health and hygiene protocols will continue to be undertaken.
  • We will be restricting the presence of adults other than members of staff on site.

Most importantly, we need all families to be extremely considerate of the health and safety of all member of the school community. This can be achieved by asking yourself and your child the following questions:

  • Does your child have a fever? (temperature over 37.5 degrees)
  • Does your child have a sore throat?
  • Does your child have a cough?
  • Does your child have a runny nose?
  • Does your child have tightness in chest or difficulty breathing?
  • Does your child have a headache?
  • Does any household member have any of the above symptoms?

OSH Club

Will be running on the 25th May (the pupil free day).  Please contact OSH directly to book.

OSH will be operating as per normal after this date until the end of term.


PSW New Store Opening Times (School Uniform Supplies)