Wellbeing & Engagement

Wellbeing and Engagement 

During this time of remote and flexible learning we are very aware of the potential effects of social isolation and change, both for your children and for your family as a whole. We hope that the Student Wellbeing Day last Friday was a chance to draw breath and just enjoy some simple activities. 


There are a wealth of community and government groups / organisations that are available to support you and your family at this time, many are new services specific to covid19 support. See below. As you know we are attempting to monitor your child’s wellbeing through daily wellbeing check-ins, however if you feel that you have concerns around how your son or daughter is traveling please reach out to us – through Seesaw, or email or phoning the school, or contact one of the organisations listed. 


We are so pleased to have some set dates and timelines around the return to on-site learning for all of our students and we are looking forward to welcoming back Foundation – Grade 2 on Tuesday 26th May. 


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Andrew Fuller

The Big 3 for Parents Home-schooling



Free Parenting Seminars

Michael Carr-Gregg-  Free Online  Seminars


In recognising the effects continuous media coverage, home schooling and isolation are having on families, Manningham Council have partnered with well-known child psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, to present a series of webinars focusing on raising resilient children and supporting families during this pandemic.


Tuesday 19th May – Raising Resilient Kids in the Coronavirus era 7-8pm

Topics include managing home-schooling, self-care and dealing with uncertainties. This is a 45 minute webinar with 15 minutes for questions.


Thursday 21st May – Managing Year 11 and 12 in the face of uncertainty 7-8pm

Year 11 and 12 students now face unprecedented disruption and uncertainty around the completion of the school year. With no firm decisions on how, when or if final exams will be held, many students are understandably anxious.

In this session, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg will provide practical tips on how parents and students can manage these challenging times.

This is a 45 minute webinar with 15 minutes for questions.


To register for these free webinars visit the website: