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My Home Learning Experience by Elodie

Home learning is something I never expected to experience, but here I am sitting at my table in my trackies and learning from a screen.  I'm sure we all have very different opinions on the concept of 'home schooling' but here's mine.


When I first heard that there was a chance that we could be learning from the comfort of our own homes, I couldn't wait! Working at our own pace, brains still learning, and wearing PJ's all at the same time, it was a dream come true!  But now I can't wait for the day when we can have the freedom of being at school and seeing our friends.


Whilst I've often enjoyed getting my school work done in a family environment it has definitely come with its challenges, between my parents working from home, my 2 dogs and my 2 sisters there are always distractions.  Often there are multiple seesaw videos playing, zoom music lessons happening, dogs barking, kettles boiling, important work calls happening where we need to be quiet and it can feel impossible to get any work done.  Luckily our teachers have always been there to check in on us and provide help when we need it.


I know when we return to school I will be very grateful to learn face to face in a classroom environment along with my friends, classmates and peers and I will be forever thankful of all the love, support and dedication from the teachers throughout this challenging time!

By Max