Level 5/6 

Some 5/6 Highlights

Here is some of the fantastic work that is being completed by the Level 5/6 Students during Home Learning this week.



In Writing we have been focusing on persuasive writing this week. We have looked at how to successfully plan a persuasive text using an OREO planning structure. Here is Archie from 5/6C’s amazing work.




In Reading we have been looking at inferring using comic strips. Audrey for 5/6G has done a fantastic job bringing this scene to life.



In Inquiry we have been focusing on Natural Disasters. So far we have completed activities on earthquakes, floods, and tornados. Beau from 5/6O did a great job creating a tornado in a jar.



In Maths we have been focusing on Volume and Capacity. We have completed a variety of activities to learn about cubic centimetres, conversions and the volume of an object. Here is Xavier from 5/6HE’s brilliant work.





5/6WM did a fantastic job making signs for their buddies! They got to show off their signs in a Webex session.




For RRRR we have been completing a kindness journal. We have looked at the different ways you can show kindness today. Jerin from 5/6WM decided to show kindness these ways.




For ART we have been creating emoji’s with meanings. Amber from 5/6P created this emoji to demonstrate that sometimes you feel colourful.








The Level 6’s from 5/6C enjoying their Webex session.


By Emma Rose 5/6O

How could we forget so often that mothers play a vital role in our lives? They spend hours

making meals, cleaning, and keeping the house running! Not only do they do that, these

women are also home-schoolers, bedtime story readers, free hug machines and so much

more. They went through A LOT to make YOU! But...what about fathers, aunties, uncles,

grandparents?...They are very significant too, and there is a Father’s Day, but no Auntie,

Uncle, Grandparents or Foster Carer’s Day! Some kids have lost their mums and dads and

Mother’s and Father’s Day can be very hard for them. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should

be changed into something else…

Not everyone picks this up but, you are actually LUCKY to have a mum who CARES for you,

let alone alive! To hear this, it almost makes me cry that some kids have lost their mums,

and to watch everyone else celebrate theirs, well we are REALLY taking our mothers for

granted! So instead of Mother’s and Father’s Day, what about Special Person’s Day and

Foster Carer’s Day! Furthermore, that would invite everyone to join in and be happy,

celebrating what special people we have in our lives! So instead of forgetting that some

people can’t celebrate Mother’s Day, we can honour everyone together!

Have you ever taken a moment to think of OUR MUMS mums? Your mum will probably be

baking and cleaning for her mum! So, on their lovely day off, they are spending most of their

time working tirelessly to ensure their mum has a relaxing day! I strongly believe

EVERYONE is special so on ‘Special Person’s Day’ EVERYONE is treated to a day off. This

would mean all kids could celebrate the special adults in their lives and the children could

cook and clean, then all adults could relax. The kids, well I guess they have to wait until they

are 18 until they can be celebrated. Then all of the adults enjoying the day off wouldn’t be

tiring themselves out on Mother’s Day.

Finally, I want you to go and count all the blessings your special person does for you. ONE

DAY A YEAR? Is that your idea of celebrating?They deserve a world more than that! Those

people do so much for you! Everyone should be celebrated EVERY DAY! I want you to

every time you see your special person, I want you to be grateful and do three kind things for

them. #bekind, #begrateful, #behappy! So this would mean not just one day a year, but also

more kind things will be done.