Principal's Report

From Mrs Barr's Desk

WebEx Meetings

Teachers across the school have been trialling WebEx meetings with their classes. I joined Foundation S on Thursday for their meeting and saw happy smiles and waves to everyone. Our foundation students, as with all our students, will have experienced a very unique learning time. For decades to come we will talk about this period in our lives, I know I will. Education will be changed by this unprecedented phase.



The Great Realisation Youtube


Wellbeing Day 15 May

All students were able to work on wellbeing activities on Friday 15 May after 5 weeks of remote and flexible learning. It has been hard for families in our community, especially if also working themselves from home. So I do hope that this day was a chance to not use the device too often, play and have some fun.


Return to School Information

Stage 1

Monday 25 May will be a pupil-free day to support all school staff to prepare for this transition. We will use this time for a remote staff meeting and then time for staff to prepare their classrooms for students the next day.

In the first stage, students in Foundation, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students will return to school from Tuesday 26 May.


Stage 2

In the second stage of our return to on-site schooling, all other year levels, i.e. grade 3 to 6 will return to school from Tuesday 9 June.

Application Process to attend school for students in grade 3 to 6 from May 26 to June 5

For those students who cannot be supervised at home and vulnerable children, the existing model of on-site schooling will remain in place during the two-week period from Tuesday 26 May to Tuesday 9 June. The current application process that we are using to enable parents and carers to indicate the days or part-days for which on-site schooling is required will continue for this two-week period.

All other students in these grades and year levels will continue learning from home until Tuesday 9 June.

Once a year level has returned, all students will be expected to attend school as normal. This means if you choose to keep your child/children home after their year level has returned to on-site schooling, we can no longer support their learning from home.

This does not apply to children who need to be absent for health or medical reasons. For those families, please contact us so we can make an appropriate plan.


Note: Attachment below Chinese translation of the Return to School Plan





To support the health and wellbeing of all our students and staff, our school will continue an enhanced cleaning routine and will encourage frequent hand washing. DET has allocated additional hours to clean high touch areas such as door handles and doors and flat surfaces.


Unwell Children

If you child is ill or is feeling unwell, they must not attend school. They must remain home and seek medical advice.



No parents can be on site without permission from the Principal.

Foundation parents may accompany their child to the new pick up and collection point entering from Munro Street for the first days of this new schedule. However parents are not permitted to enter the school buildings and they must practise social distancing by moving off the site after they have delivered their child to the drop off /pick-up point.


Staggered Starts / Finishes Tuesday 26th May – Friday 5th June

To ensure we support social distancing for adults we will be introducing staggered starts and finishes for the students at Rangeview. When all children return from Tuesday 9th June,  grade 3 to grade 6 will exit school as per normal to meet parents outside the school boundaries or walk home.


This will commence on Tuesday 26th May and continue until further notice.  A subsequent model will be developed for the final weeks of term when all students return to onsite learning.


Drop Offs

8:55 amAll Level 1 GradesScott Street Entrance (down the Green Mile)
8:50 amAll Level 2 GradesChuringa Ave Entrance
9:10 amAll Foundation GradesMunro Street Entrance


Pick Ups

3:20 pmAll Foundation GradesMunro Street Entrance 
3:25 pmAll Level 1 GradesScott Street Entrance (down the Green Mile)
3:25 pmAll Level 2 GradesChuringa Ave Entrance 
  • Classroom teachers will be waiting at designated spots for their classes to arrive.
  • Extra teachers will be on duty in the morning and afternoons to help out and guide students to their drop off/pick up points
  • Churinga Ave staff carpark will be locked off at 8:45am and no cars will be allowed into the carpark, including staff for safety reasons


If you have siblings in different grade levels you may drop off all children at the one drop off point and the teacher on duty will receive the children eg: If you have a children in level 2 and foundation you may drop both children at the Munro Street Entrance and the teacher on duty will take both children and so therefore you will not need to come on site.


Drink Taps will not be operating

All students will need to bring a clearly named water bottle. There are sinks and taps to fill empty water bottles in our school.

Hand sanitiser and soap will be available to staff, students and approved visitors.


Reporting Process

We have postponed the student led conferences until term 3. There is every likelihood that they will be held remotely.

Teaching staff are working on their student reports. The reports will look very different from previous years because of the combination of remote learning and face to face teaching. We are aiming for these reports to be distributed on Friday 5 June. 



I have had confirmation that the playgrounds will be opened for the return to school. Playgrounds will be cleaned and students will be using hand sanitiser once they return to their classrooms after each break.



Students will be excited to see one another after such a long break however we encourage students NOT to hug each other as you would expect in these times.


Instrumental Music Lessons

Currently instrumental music teachers are not permitted on site.  we are in negotiation that lessons are held remotely out of school hours.


All actions will apply until further notice.


We understand that some families may feel anxious about this move back to classroom teaching and learning. I can assure you that this decision has been taken on the basis of the best health advice available to our state.

More information about the return to school and coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found on the Department’s website, which will continue to be updated:


Thank you for your continued support and patience during this time. We look forward to welcoming our students back to the classroom.