Tirkandi News

Term 1 Week 10

Preschool Visit

We thoroughly enjoy having our fortnightly preschool visits at our Tirkandi Library. Thank you Lockleys Preschool for visiting us, we love seeing you read our wonderful picture books!

Scholastic Book Club Orders

Book Club orders for Issue 2 are on their way! Students will be receiving their orders sometime this week.

2021 Library Changes

Please note which collections are in each building this year while Mellor classes occupy the Tirkandi building:


Tirkandi Library

  • Picture books
  • Non-fiction books

Morphett Primary Library

  • Fiction books
  • Series books (year 3+)
  • Language  books
  • Picture books for older readers (orange stickers)
  • Graphic novels (yellow stickers)

Premier's Reading Challenge

The Premier's Reading Challenge requires students from all year levels to read 12 books from the PRC booklist. Remember to check stickers on our library books to ensure students are reading at the appropriate level.

Completed forms can be handed into the Tirkandi library.


Reception -  Can borrow 4 books

Years 1, 2, 3, 4 - Can borrow 8 books

Years 5, 6, 7 - Can borrow 10 books

Parents – Can borrow up to 10 books


Books can be kept for a maximum of 2 weeks. All that is required for borrowing is a library bag (for Reception, Year 1/2) and no overdue books. Students are encouraged to manage their own library bag and to borrow regularly.


Students can either place books they want to return in their classroom library box, directly into the green returns box in the Tirkandi library or the clear tubs at the borrowing station in the Morphett Primary Library. I kindly ask that students return books to the building they borrowed it from as this will significantly help to reduce movement between the two buildings. 

Overdue Books

School policy states that $10 is the replacement cost for each book not returned or damaged. Students will be unable to borrow until the book(s) are returned or the $10 payment is made to the Tirkandi library. If the book is found the money will be refunded to you.

Library Open Hours

Monday - Before school

Tuesday - Before school

Wednesday - After school

Thursday - After school


I will be located in Tirkandi Library so please do not hesitate to visit! If you would like to access the Morphett Primary Library during these hours please see me.


Tegan Dart

Library Manager