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We are pleased to confirm that Auskick will be held at Lockleys North Primary school every Tuesday afternoon from 3:30pm-4:30pm. The first session will kick off on Tuesday 4th May (Term 2, Week 2) and conclude on Tuesday 22nd June (Term 2, Week 9).


Angus Baker will be coordinating the program. He currently plays at Flinders Park Football Club and is looking forward to building relationships with students and families at Lockleys North PS. For more information please contact Angus Baker



Registrations are now open! Remember that you can get the entire program for free with the use of ORSR Sports Voucher.



Nine LNPS teams have been submitted this year from U6 to U11!!


Training for Soccer will be held Wednesday after school 3:30-4.15pm for all age groups with first training week 1 of term 2 (Wed 28th April). First match of the season is Sat 8th May. Coaches will be in contact with families soon with additional season information.


Soccer shirts will be distributed at first training. Reminder players need to supply navy shorts, navy socks, shin guard and soccer boots.


A big thank you to the parents and families who have volunteered to coach and/or manage teams this year!!


Any enquiries please email lnps.soccer@gmail.com


Looking forward to a wonderful soccer season!


School Delegate


School Cricket Round 3 LNPS v Le Fevre Peninsula PS 13/3/21


Game was cancelled due to Rain.


Round 4 LNPS v Largs Bay PS


On Saturday 20/3/21 LNPS B Grade played against Largs Bay at the LNPS oval.  Playing this week was Jasper, Cooper, Murray, Riley (Co-captain), Brendon, Josh, Kobe (Co-captain), Curtis and Noah (from Brompton PS).  


Largs Bay went in to bat first, with Cooper keeping for the first 10 overs and Brendon for the second 10.  It was a lovely, sunny day, bordering on a bit hot and the watermelon at the innings break was appreciated.

LNPS went in to bat for the second half of the game.  Largs Bay had less players than us, so we rotated on some of our players to help with the fielding and bowled some overs for them.


Here are the results from the game.

 Largs BayLNPS
Runs off the bat2394
Leg Byes00
No Balls02
Bonus runs for wickets taken (wickets x 4)2036

Another win for LNPS!


Stats for Round 4:

Josh 60
Mitchell (didn’t play)  
Ethan (didn’t play)  

School Cricket Round 6 Grange PS Blue v LNPS


On Saturday 27/3/21 LNPS B Grade played against Grange PS Blue at Grange Primary School oval.  Playing this week was Jasper, Cooper, Mitchell (Co-captain), Brendon, Josh, Kobe, Curtis (Co-captain), Ethan  and Noah (from Brompton PS).  


Grange Blue went in to bat first, with Jasper keeping for the first 10 overs and Curtis for the rest of the game.  The clouds were gathering and we were all praying that the rain would hold off.


LNPS went in to bat for the second half of the game.  Unfortunately for us, the rain did not hold off, and part way through the 13th over, the game was cancelled.  So we worked out what the scores for both teams were at the end of the 12th over for each team.  We left the field telling Grange that they had won, and afterwards realised that I hadn’t deducted anything they scored from their 13th – 20th overs.


We have gone all this term without a loss!  Well done, team.  Many thanks to Russell for coaching, Leah and the other parents for covid marshalling and disinfecting equipment.


Here are the results from the game.

 Grange BlueLNPS
Runs off the bat3446
Leg Byes00
No Balls26
Bonus runs for wickets taken (wickets x 4)3224

Another win for LNPS!


Stats for Round 6:

Murray (didn’t play)00
Jasper – didn’t get to bat due to rain01
Brendon (didn’t play – but commentated throughout the game!)00
Josh 41
Kobe (didn’t get to finish his time at the bat due to rain. Actually made 11, but the last three were in the 13th over, which wasn’t finished)81
Mitchell (didn’t get to bat due to rain)02
Ethan (didn’t get to bat due to rain)00
Curtis (didn’t get to finish his time at the bat due to rain)30

B Grade Modified rules include:

Oval is 40m radius from batters end.

The game is 20 overs (120 balls)


The 120 balls are divided amongst the number of players.  For example, if you have 8 players they will face 15 balls each.  Players don’t get ‘out’, but when a wicket is taken, the batters swap ends. Each wicket counts as 4 bonus runs for the fielding team.


All overs are bowled from the same end.

All fielders get to bowl.  One fielder will act as wicket keeper for the first 10 overs and then swap with another fielder for the remaining 10 overs.  


Pitch is 16m wicket too wicket.


No balls, Byes, Leg Byes and Wides (otherwise known as Extras) are not re-bowled but added as runs to the batting team’s score and not to the batters’ individual run score.  Only dead balls are re-bowled.


There is no LBW (Leg Before Wicket) in B Grade.

The game is played with a smaller and softer cricket ball than what the adults use.


The use of helmets for the batters is compulsory.


This was our last game for the season.  It will start up again in Term 4.  If you are interested in playing, please contact Ms Byrnes at school.


Good cricketing!

Pauline Robinson