Wellbeing 2021

Mike Tarleton - Assistant Principal - Wellbeing & Engagement

Grow Wellbeing NDIS

Grow Wellbeing are proud providers of mental health care & health professional services in Adelaide South Australia since 2016. We partner with schools to provide a complete and holistic approach to mental wellbeing within the school environment.


Please see the attached NDIS Information for Parents regarding Grow Wellbeing. We are working closely with Grow Wellbeing to formulate the support that will be provided at Lockleys North during 2021. 


If your child is eligible or has existing NDIS funding you can access Grow Wellbeing by completing the following paperwork.


Please email the consent form directly to: ndis@growwellbeing.com

Active Lunch

Our Active Lunch activities have continued in the Gym this term. We have many amazing students who volunteer their time to support our Active Ambassadors.


Mondays & Fridays - Fisher Students

Tuesdays - Mellor Students

Wednesdays - Mellor/Torrens Students

Thursdays - Torrens Students


The activities will change throughout the year, but this term we currently have Basketball, Dodgeball and mini obstacle courses.

On your bike!

During the majority of Term 1, we have had Bike Education for all our Year 4 and Year 5 cohorts - catching up from 2020 - you may have noticed us and possibly heard us while riding around streets in our community!


Bike Ed is an excellent program which promotes safety on the roads while 'getting kids active.' With so many bike lanes and the Torrens River tracks being so close to our school, it is vital that we encourage as many students as possible to get on their bikes!

'Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood. It can also get you out in the world, help to reduce any feelings of loneliness and isolation, and put you in touch with other people.
If you exercise regularly, it can reduce your stress and symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, and help with recovery from mental health issues. It can also improve your sleep, which is important in many different ways.'

Health Direct Website


In the fast paced world we live in, the hardest thing is making time for yourself, even though the benefits stated above have such a significant impact on our general health and wellbeing.


We would like to organise a Bike it to the Beach in Term 2 - if you can spare a few hours and you'd like to join us, watch out for further details early next term.

Make time for yourself!

Continuing on from the exercise impacting on sleep, a useful app to support relaxation, mindfulness and sleep is Headspace. Listening to the calming voices and sounds allows your brain to switch off from the stresses of life.


Make time for yourself - it is worth some investigation if you or your child are challenged with switching off, calming and sleep. The Headspace App gives you some trial tasks before becoming a subscription, which allows you to be in control of the decisions about whether it suits your purpose.

Reader's Theatre

Over the last few weeks, we have had some wonderful Year 4/5 students continue to present children's books to our Reception students and many others too!


We'd like to get our teachers involved in performing a book this year and wish to extend this offer to our parents and grandparents - if you have a favourite book that you like to read to young children and have time to pop in for recess (10:45-11:00), please send me an email...



Many thanks,


Pastoral Care

Hello everyone,

Can you believe how quickly this term is going?

For the new families at the school my name is Coralie and I have been at Lockleys North for just over a year. I am a married with 1 adult son. I love to read, watch movies, trail run and eat (not necessarily in that order!)


My role is to offer pastoral (wellbeing) and practical support to the school and I’m part of the Wellbeing team. I am an extra resource working alongside teachers in the classroom and also supporting extracurricular activities and events. I work with students either in the classroom or one-on-one as necessary, primarily helping with setting up strategies around behaviour and social issues (fitting in, friendships, bullying) I am also available for the children if they have a problem they need to talk to someone about.


Another part of my role is to support parents/caregivers. If you need access to services but don’t know where to start I can help you with that. I also love to have a chat and get to know people. I have loved being able to meet some of you this year now that Covid restrictions have been lifted. 


I am at school Tuesday and Wednesday 8.30-1.30. Please feel free to come and introduce yourself if you see me around. You can find me in the yard, usually around the Fisher building gate, before school most mornings wearing a purple vest. Any other time please leave a message with the front office and I will get back to you soon as I am available to do so. If your child would like to talk to me they can ask their teacher or front office staff to contact me. I am also in the yard most break times.


Be safe and look out for each other!


Coralie Sebestyen

Pastoral Care Worker