School News

Marni Naa Pudni

It has been a wonderful start to 2021 and the end of another busy term is quickly approaching. It has been refreshing to not have to deal with the complex and uncertainty of COVID that was the main focus this time last year. 


This term has seen a focus on building relationships and connections between students and staff over the first few weeks. The focus then shifted slightly to an intentional focus on quality teaching and learning which is driven by our Site Improvement Plan. 


Our sustained focus on growth for every student has been commended over the past two weeks by our Principal Consultant Amy Whyte and the Department for Education Chief Executive Rick Persse.  This is very reassuring and confirms that we are heading in the right direction!


Yesterday we had the great pleasure of hosting Rick Persse. Rick met two senior leaders and discussed learning from a student perspective at LNPS and then I had the opportunity to talk with Rick regarding teaching and learning at LNPS and a few other items about the school, partnership, and system as a whole. The meeting went very well and we have invited Rick to visit again to tour the school and observe teaching and learning. 



Last year the Department for Education released the new initiative ThankED. ThankED gives you the chance to celebrate and thank public educators who make a difference every day, as well as those people who work in support of them.


LNPS promoted this wonderful initiative through the newsletter and Facebook. To date we have received 136 ThankED messages that have been sent to 40 different staff members,

4 came from community members, 14 from within the department, 42 from parents or carers, and 76 direct from students.


This is wonderful recognition of our staff and the acknowledgement is greatly appreciated. 


ThankED is an ongoing initiative and we encourage you to use it regularly to celebrate and thank our staff.  Messages can be submitted through the following link. ThankED


Next week I will be on the Seniors Camp to Butlers Beach. Mirjana will be Acting Principal in my absence. 


I wish everyone a lovely Easter and have a relaxing holiday break.