Parent Engagement


Dear Parents and Friends,


Learning Walk Notes: 

On​ ​23/5/22​ ​we held our Whole School Learning Walk. We met as a group where Trish Shaw and Markeeta Green joined us to explain what we would see the children doing in the whole school area during their spelling session. 

The session included -

  • Spelling- spelling choices using Sounds-Write.
  • Spelling in 4/5/6 using Tessa Daffern practices.

As with all Learning Walks, after we spent some time in the classroom we rejoined as a group and discussed 3 key questions. Below are notes from those questions and the conversations we had. Thank you to those who could join us. We value and recognise parents’ time and understand how busy life is. Whether you were able to attend or not, we hope the notes below might start a conversation with your child about spelling at home.  


What did you see?

  • The progression.
  • It was quite a quick progression and every classroom complemented each other.
  • Listening and then writing.
  • Actively engaged.
  • All classrooms are settled and engaged.

How did you feel?

  • So delighted to be back in the school.
  • Educational and privileged to be able to view the students' learning.
  • Lovely to see the ‘flow on’ in all the classes. I feel more informed and this incorporates my helping at home.
  • It made me feel more in tune with my child’s learning because I thought teachers just taught their own thing. I saw a continuum of learning.

What are you wondering?

  • How often do the spelling groups get reviewed? 
  • We would like to see maths at work.
  • I wasn’t sure what this was about in the newsletter. Maybe it could be accompanied by a blurb to explain it more.

If you have any questions or concerns for teachers please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Our next Learning Walk will be in term three.

Thank you,

Teachers: Trish Shaw & Markeeta Green