Year 7 Independent Reading Program | Book Reviews

If you're climbing the walls looking for things to do in isolation, then look no further - our Year 7s have got you covered! The Independent Reading Program at WHSC is designed to foster a love of reading for the fun of it, and our Year 7 students have kindly shared their top reading recommendations to help you find new mysteries, magical misadventures, and behind-the-scenes movie-making secrets waiting to be discovered at your local bookshop or library!


World's Greatest Shave | Staff + Student Shaves


While our scheduled school event for the World's Greatest Shave in Term 1 had to be cancelled, some of our team are doing their bit for charity remotely! Keep an eye on the school's social media for footage and photos of our brave shavers - Mr Mello started us off by shaving his head last week, and one of our Year 12 students, Paige, is shaving her head on the 15/5.


Congratulations to all of our brave shavers who are making such great contributions to a worthy charity! We’ve already raised around $3400 so far despite not being able to hold our school event yet - we'll still hold one when we're back, but if isolation is inspiring you to do something crazy to your hair or let one of your family wax your legs, it's not too late to join the team!


Contact Miss McMahon via Teams or email if you're interested in participating remotely, and visit the school team page to donate and help us reach our goal of $5000! 

Year 10 Futures | RACV Social Media Project


Year 10 Futures students are currently working on the RACV Social Media Project. Students need to come up with a road safety message looking at either Distractions or Peer Passengers. Once completed students will submit their social media campaign to the RACV (this is also a CAT). I thought that I would model what students can do by creating a Hip Hop Video on Distracted Drivers. This was uploaded onto YouTube and my Facebook page so that I was able to model the power of social media in getting a message out to people. Students were able to see the amount of times the video was viewed and therefore how many people this has reached. If WHSC students are selected they will have the opportunity to meet with media personnel and have their message shared through a much wider social media platform. Here is a link to the Youtube video, feel free to watch and share so that we can show students how videos/messages can go viral through social media campaigns.


Ms. Michelle Galea

Year 10 Futures Teacher

Year 9 Media | Student Stunt Film

Inspired by viral videos from the likes of stuntperson extraordinaire, Zoe Bell, and other movie star legends, Year 9 Media students busted out their best karate kicks, martial arts moves, and Jedi lightsaber skills to create a student stunt film while in isolation!


To check out their awesome moves, click here.


Ms. Sarah Chapman

Media Teacher