Term 3 Overviews

Below is the link to all Term 3 Overviews. 

In the Term Overviews you will read the focus of each year level's learning for the term as well as an email contact for your child's teacher, important dates and some helpful tips.

School Closure Day

This coming Monday, 6th August, is a student free day. Staff will be learning about peer observations. All students will return to school on Tuesday 7th August.

Open Morning Change of Day

As of next week, Open Morning Day will change from Monday to Friday. Classrooms will be open for drop off from 8:35-8:50am. This is a great opportunity to see your child in their learning environment. The parent survey results from last year indicated that Friday was also a preferred choice.


We hope to see you at Open Mornings, starting Friday 10th August.

Thank you for Digging Deep

The Trivia Night Gala was a resounding success with everyone in attendance having a wonderful time.  The Trivia rounds were a tight contest and I am pleased to report that both the teacher tables drew equal second with Table 18 being crowned the winners.  There were many laughs, competitive bidding for the live auction items, fast bidding on the on-line auction (which was a monumental success) and some impressive air guitar to win your table some extra points.  The night ended with some spectacular displays on the dance floor and impromptu karaoke.


The hours that go into preparing an evening like this are long.  The leg work to gather the amazing donations, the phone calls, the meetings, the set up and preparation before the evening.  Then there are the volunteers on the night who ensured everything ran smoothly and the team who packed down.  A huge thank you to Bec Giorgilli, her team and the Events Committee who put the night together.  Thank you to the Platinum and Gold Sponsors for supporting the evening, to all the Galilee families who generously made donations and to the local businesses who supported our annual fundraiser.


I am thrilled to be able to announce that we raised approximately $30,000 from the evening.  We will have a final official figure in the coming weeks which we will report in the newsletter.  This is an amazing effort and testament to the parents who volunteer their time and to the families who so generously supported this fundraiser.

Simon Millar

Galilee Bunnings BBQ

The Bunnings BBQ for the year is on Saturday 11 August at Bunnings Port Melbourne. 

This is a Year 3 fundraising event this year but any help is greatly appreciated. If you can spare 2 hours of your Saturday on the 11th August, please click on the link below to sign up.

Be sure to spread the word to family, friends and neighbours to come buy a sausage or two and help us raise money for our school.

LION KING JR - Performance day

Thursday 20th September:

  • School will commence at 11.30am
  • GOSH will offer before care from 7am until 11.15am. There will be an extra charge of $10ph on top of the before care fee. Bookings must be made.  (School will be supervised from 11.15am)
  • Students will be bused to Firbank at 12.00pm and will remain at the venue until after the evening show.
  • Students will need to be picked up from Firbank Grammar at approximately between 7.45pm and 8.00pm.
  • Students cannot be picked up between shows.
  • Show times are 3.00pm and 6.30pm (both shows are the same).

School Fees

Please attend to your account immediately as the school has already paid for camps, excursions, licences and all school supplies.

All fees are to be paid in full by 7th September

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please call the office to make a confidential meeting with Mr Millar, 96992928.

Dogs/Food/ Hot Drinks in School Grounds

A reminder to please leave your dogs outside of the school grounds when dropping off or collecting children. 

Due to the many allergies in the school community, please do not eat food in the school grounds after or before school. For safety reasons we ask that you do not consume hot drinks within the playground areas.

Camp Australia - GOSH

On Thursday 20th September, GOSH will offer before care from 7am until 11.15am. There will be an extra charge of $10ph on top of the before care fee. Bookings must be made with Camp Australia for child/staff ratios to be correct.  

Parent Workshop