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It's National Mole Day!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a large number of exciting events held at the College.

The first was HAPPY 6.02 X 10^23 DAY!! For those like me who did not understand, it was National MOL day on Wednesday 23rd October. I had the pleasure of unveiling a FABULOUS table which had been created by the VCAL students together with Sid our Technology assistant. The table is shaped in the form of a periodic table and is an incredible depiction of each of the elements of the periodic table. The incredible craftsmanship and the innovative design is a credit to all involved. The table now sits in pride of place in our science lab and is already in heavy use by students for either extension work, group work or private study.

For more info click our link https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=happy+mole+day+song&view=detail&mid=26AF011E386F757EE2C326AF011E386F757EE2C3&FORM=VIRE

VCE Drama Performances

On Friday evening I was invited to view the Year 11 VCE Drama solo performances. Once again as often happens I was so proud of our students. The confidence and stage presence of each performer was of an incredibly high standard. Each performer brought their own skills to the task as the audience was at times scared by gangster depictions, laughing at Toy Story parodies and taken back nostalgically to our childhood as Cluedo came to life in the performances. The students demonstrated a clear understanding of the dramatic elements required in their solo performance and made good use of both space and props. Voice projection was excellent and all those who attended were amazed at the ability of our students to switch characters, often with convincing accents.

Congratulations to the students but also to their teacher Mr Patrick Barton. The polished performances auger well for the 2020 VCE Year 12 Drama results.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I attended Year 12 Graduation for both Campuses. When this cohort of Year 12 students came for Year 6 Orientation I was MacKillop House Leader. Since then I have watched this cohort of students as they strutted their stuff in High School Musical. I have climbed down steep mountains in Japan underneath perfectly good chair lists with them.

 I have interviewed many as they applied for accelerated studies and interviewed still more as they were guided into the best subject selection options. I have chatted to many as they volunteered at Breakfast club and listened as others spoke during the student leader interviews. It has been a pleasure to listen to the thoughts and opinions of the fine young men and women who graduated this year from St Peters.

VCE Examinations

This Wednesday the first of the VCE Examinations commence with English as the first exam. We wish all of our VCE students all the very best.

Ms Marlene Jorgensen

Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching