Eisteddfod Winners

On the evening of 28 May, Mazenod College held the inaugural Arts Eisteddfod.


Previously we have had Solo Eisteddfod for Music and Drama students, but the decision was made within the department that we wanted it to be more inclusive of all of the Arts, and so for the first time there were Media and Visual Art entries.


The stage was set with a drum kit to begin the night, the walls were lined with drawings and paintings by students, props were at the ready for our drama performances, and the adjudicators were all in place.


Reilly Miltrup, the 2019 Captain for Performing Arts, stepped up to the piano (a surprise for all, considering he’s a guitarist!!!), a hush fell over the audience, and thus began a captivating performance night.


With each performer, the adjudicators' job became more difficult.  The standard was very high throughout the night, the audience being blown away by talent that stretched across all year groups within the school.  The Year 12’s showed the path to great performance that was upheld by all the other years, and the Year 7’s showed that many more brilliant events are to come as they grow, mature and hone their craft.


Three outstanding artists put the pedal to the metal for the first Sharpie comp, 'create a piece of art in 15 minutes' under the watchful eyes of all in attendance.

Art Winners: 

Senior prize- Ryan Checker

Junior – Joshua Newton

Sharpie Challenge – Kofi Chow


The winning photo by Dylan Kramer has also been included below and we would like to thank all of the people who entered their fabulous photography.


'Leading Lines by Dylan Kramer'


The diversity on show was astounding, from classical flute and viola pieces to progressive rock guitar solos that wailed, from original scripts written by the performers to monologues that have stood the test of time, from colourful vibrant paintings to a piece of art that needed to be viewed through different colour lenses to be truly appreciated.



The standard was excellent, the diversity was immense, the support for fellow performers was uplifting and every contributor to the evening has set the bar very high for the second Arts Eisteddfod next year.


A special thank you to our wonderful adjudicators- Brooke van Aalen, Mia Brine, Sandie Schroder and Jasmine Frank.


Beth Parkinson

Head of Visual and Performing Arts