Year 11 & 12 VCE student workshops.

In week 2 this term both year 11 and 12 VCE students partook in two workshops conducted by Success Integrated with the outlook of extending students capacity and to assist students to better deal with distractions and stresses associated with their VCE studies.

Year 11 students participated in a workshop called “VCE Success Strategies Abridged” and focused on strategies such as; Self Talk, Goal setting, Time management, Reviewing of notes and Study skills.

At the same time year 12 students completed their workshop titled, “Achieve Your B.E.S.T” which covered topics such as; Growth vs Fixed mindsets, Attitude, dealing with failure and Grit.

Both workshops continued to build upon and develop skills and attributes built into this year’s VCE STEP program which runs for one period each week on a Tuesday.

Over the coming terms our VCE students will be participating in further workshops offered by Elevate Education to further support them with their VCE studies building towards exams.  These workshops are;




Year 11

Tuesday 14th May – Study Sensi

Tuesday 16th July – Time management

Tuesday 15th October – Student elevation


Year 12


Tuesday 14th May – Memory and Mnemonics

Tuesday 16th July – Ace your exams


Careers Expo

Year 11 VCE students joined senior VCE and Careers staff on an excursion on Friday 3rd of May and joined VCE students from all over the state at the VCE and Careers Expo held at Caulfield Racecourse.

On this day students were able to interact with exhibitors from universities, TAFE’s and industry and participate in one or more of the 168 different workshops on offer.  Students walked away from the experience with a greater knowledge and understanding of:

  • Information and resources for their VCE studies.
  • Information about university, TAFE and training courses.
  • Career advice.
  • Study advice.
  • Employment advice and opportunities.
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship advice.
  • International exchange and gap year programs

Mid-Year and GAT exams.

This year our mid-year exam period for year 11 students commence on Thursday 6th of June and run until Friday 14th June.  Including the VCAA GAT examination for all students currently enrolled in one or more Unit 3&4 study on Wednesday 13th June.

Specific information pertaining to these exams will be made available to students in the coming weeks, please look out for these both on Compass and in hardcopy.