One of the great aspects to my role as Principal is that I can share special moments of celebration with members of our school community. I have had some special events in recent days that have enabled me to recognise student achievement and celebrate important milestones for the school.

The school athletics carnival and cross-country events were held recently and with great success. Students value these events highly and it was clear to see on the faces of all competitors. I had the pleasure of presenting ribbons to the place getters and helping to celebrate their terrific achievements. A special mention to Ms Lauryn Miller who organised both events for the first time. These events are quite involved and not easy to manage so congratulations to Lauryn and her team of helpers.


I also had the pleasure of opening the new Science & Technology Centre on Friday April 26. With the help of our student leaders and our school council president, Mrs Elvira Ritzert, we were able to duly recognise a key event in the history of our College. It is important that we do not take these events for granted as it was 44 years since the school was opened and this is the first ever upgrade of the Science & Technology facilities. The building is very bright, modern and well-resourced, and will provide our students with the best facilities to promote the best learning possible.



The transformation of our school’s facilities has been significant in the last few years, and I have never seen it look better. We can now look forward to the construction of the 3rd and final stage of works to the Student Support Centre, and the Middle School courtyard. Our students will be the big winners!

I hope you enjoy our newsletter.



John Jovic










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