Congratulations to Zahra Lania and Saskia Thomas who competed in the 9/10 year old girls race in the STATE CROSS COUNTRY Finals at Bundoora Park on Tuesday the 15th of June. Getting to this stage of the competition is in itself a major and impressive achievement. The girls finished 30th and 63rd respectively, completing the 2km race in a time of 9 minutes and 7.127 seconds for Zahra and 9 minutes and 38.373 seconds for Saskia. Well done girls, all of St Joseph's was behind you all along this amazing journey of yours and we are all very proud of you and happy for you.

Peter Zammit



This term in Physical Education we have been lucky enough to be allocated a coach from the Collingwood Basketball club for four weeks. This coach, Jackson provided the children from Years 3 to 6 with many opportunities to develop and refine their ball handling skills, such as bouncing the ball with alternate hands and different passes to suit certain situations and to apply these ball handling skills when participating in some competitive games.


The children have also been invited to participate in the District Cross country which took place on May 24. Many of the children also participated in our school’s Cross Country Squad training sessions which took place over 4 Fridays at All Nations Park. This was a massive commitment as the temperature was plummeting and the 8 o’clock start was pretty early for many of the participants. However they persevered and participated in the squad’s runs with great gusto and energy. At this stage the parents who assisted on these mornings, at the different stations along the course, ought to be thanked (and applauded!).



This term some children participated in the CODE CAMP. This was a Coding based activity run by Code Camp Australia, delivered after hours ( in our case, Mondays from 3.30 to 4.45). This involved children from Years 2 to 6. Children have also been invited to participate in our weekly  lunchtime Code Club and the children in years 1 to 6 have been busy coding using the SCRATCH and CODE.ORG websites. 


The Prep children have started a short design unit that involves amongst other things, the design and construction of tall buildings or towers using Duplo blocks and to consider, “What do we need to do to make sure our tower is tall and stays up all by itself ?”