Governing Council Nomination


Governing Council Annual General Meeting Wednesday February 3rd, at 7pm, in the Peterborough High School Staff Room.

The Peterborough High School Governing Council Chairperson and I invite Parents, Caregivers and Community Members to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Peterborough High School Governing Council.


The Governing Council is the body that is responsible for the oversight of the school and its management. Governing Council contributes to the general direction of the school and oversees budget management  and policies. We meet twice a term to ensure we are providing the best educational opportunities for every student.


The Annual General Meeting provides an opportunity to hear about the successes and challenges of 2020 and our plans for 2021.


At this meeting you will also be invited to become a member of our council either for the first time or through re-nomination. The education of the young people of Peterborough will be further enhanced by strong partnerships with Parents, Caregivers and Community Members. Please consider joining us.


A nomination form is included with this newsletter and can also be found in the school and community library or PHS front office.. Please return by Wednesday 3rd February, 9am to the Peterborough High School front office.


Yours sincerely,


Sonja Mercer