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As the school end is near, we are locking in the calendar for next year's events for the kids, community and parents undertaken by the PA. 


As we don't know what next year will bring with the pandemic, we are taking a cautious approach on the events.  One of our biggest fundraising events is the much loved Colour Fun Run and we would love to run this first term before the cold weather comes in.  To do this we need volunteers to be part of the Fun Run committee.   We need at least 5 parents to step in to coordinate the event from booking it, marketing/fundraising to the day of the event.  On the day of the event we will also need more volunteers as long as parents are allowed on site. 


We are focusing on this event right now as we need to book the date and pay the deposit in the next few weeks if we are going to run the event in the first term of next year.  


We are a small school so we need parents to be part of the PA from all the different year levels. The PA organizes events and fundraisers that bring in money for things that the school budget can not provide like the new school playground, and fruit for the classrooms.  If we do not have at least 5 parents to help coordinate the colour fun run we will not be running the event in 2021.  


If you would like to be part of the committee for the Colour Fun Run or be a member of the PA please contact Elisa on 04411 011 675 or 


Please see below the other events and fundraisers we are discussing running throughout the year. Some of the fundraisers can be organised by one person, others like the Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls, and the disco will require more than one helper.  Again, without help, the events will not go on. 


Term 1

Bubbles and Tears (new preps)

Family Fun night / BBQ 

Colour Fun Run

Adult Bowls night 


Term 2

Mothers Day Stall 

Socks fundraiser

Kites fundraiser 

Movie night 

Cadbury Drive


Term 3

Kids Disco

Murder  Mystery

Fathers Day Stall 


Term 4

Wine/beer adult day/night 


Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you around the school. 


Elisa Gatti

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There are also a couple of other whole school groups that might be of interest:


MPS Community - Used by the whole MPS community


MPS Parents Association - Used by the PA to promote and organise PA events


Finally there is also the Marlborough Primary School Heathmont page


Stay safe. 


Stefan Riedel

MPS Parents Association