Library News

Reading is my SECRET POWER

Its here! Book Week has begun and will run for the whole week. The Library will be flat out at lunchtime with an activity each day.


Monday was a big success with many students getting in on the action.

Lots of monsters were created and the input into their monsters BOOK related superpower was awesome........such as: He can teleport any book to him and read three books at once.



Book of the moment


Wilder girls: so much about this book is so good. the synopsis. the premise. the chills it delivers. the characters. the tantalizing dislocation of WHAT IS THIS THAT IS HAPPENING? the dread and unease. the tension.  and don't forget the amazing cover. Available NOW in the library.

New look catalogue

The library catalogue has a new look. The selection of 'New Arrivals' and 'Top Reads' is constantly changing; it definitely attracts the attention of passing students!