Ski Trip 

2019 Ski Trip 


On Tuesday 6 August we left for the annual Koonung Ski Camp at Mount Buller.

A staff of nine dedicated teachers and volunteer leaders, Amy McLellan, Alistair Tuffnell, David Kennedy, Ella Cogger, Elissa Schembri, Lynden Gare, Leigh Howlett, Isaac Moores and Brendan Shelley, took 42 students on an intensive snow experience.

We started each day  with a lesson and then a ski within our ability groups. We were privileged to stay 20 metres from the bottom of the lift and were able to ski  in and out of our hotel. After the lesson the group leaders took us around the mountain and gave help with skiing or boarding. 

The snow was a bit patchy on the first day but at least we could see a bit of the mountain. The snow came on Wednesday afternoon and it just didn’t stop. We had the most amazing snow conditions for years and were making fresh tracks on every run on Bourke St!

All of the students challenged themselves to learn new things and interact with new peers. In the evenings the leaders gave awards to those who pushed themselves to the limit, overcame obstacles or showed great leadership. We tested our knowledge with some trivia and on the last night the volunteer leaders, who are all ex-Koonung Students, told us a little about their lives at Koonung and beyond.

All students were extremely well behaved, set a great example to others and were an absolute pleasure to take on the camp. If you are in Years 8-11 consider joining us in 2020!


Please take the time to read reflections from some of our students who attended the camp: 




Ski camp has always been one of the most incredible experiences of my high school life. The first ski camp I went on was in Year 8, it was absolutely amazing and I immediately fell in love with skiing. After that, I aimed to take up any opportunity to go skiing and the Koonung ski camp is one of the most amazing environments. On the first day, unfortunately, poor weather led to a wind hold, with most runs closed however we made the most of the open runs. Although conditions were a bit icy for the most part, it was a successful day with everyone gradually getting back into it. The second day was better, as it had snowed overnight and fresh powder snow made for easier skiing conditions. Most of the runs were open which meant a full day of skiing the whole mountain. Even with low visibility, it was one of the most enjoyable days as we went down multiple different runs and also got to explore paths that extended from the runs. The third day was also incredible as it had been snowing all night. The morning ski was delayed slightly by the chairlift however it was not too much of an inconvenience. Finally, after lunch, we had our last ski with everyone together on the run Burnt Hut. This is one of my favourite runs as there are paths that you can take on either side that are isolated which just makes the experience even more surreal. Overall the camp was incredible, accompanied by so many amazing student leaders and teachers that put in so much effort to make sure it was a great experience. Thank you to everyone who helped out as it was a truly amazing camp!

Iona Cameron Year 11



I had a great time on the ski camp. As a first time skier, I was very nervous but then the leaders were really encouraging and helped me to succeed. I can’t believe I went down intermediate runs by the end of the camp and felt like I really pushed myself and gained as a result.

Abbey Taylor Year 



I have only ever skied with my family and was not familiar with the other people on ski camp. It was a great chance to make some new friends and build my confidence skiing with new people across year levels.

Halle Henson Year 8



Ski camp was a great time that made new memories,  filled with original experiences.

It was really fun to ski with friends and ski on so much fresh snow.

Akie Tod Year 9



Ski camp was so much fun and a great way to make friendships and learn new skills. It was a great way to experience a new environment and sports.

Cameron Witt Year 9







Amy McLellan

Ski Camp Leader