The 'Koonung Creek Trail' project is nearing completion

'The Koonung Creek Trail'  mural is being installed in it's permanent home.


Next time you are walking near the entrance of the Koonung Secondary College administration building, take a look to your right and into the raised garden bed - you will be dazzled and amazed by the Koonung's newest art instalment 'The Koonung  Creek Trail' mosaic mural. 


Over the past twelve months Koonung Secondary College has been graced with artist-in-residence Deborah Amon-Cotter who worked with  Helen Briffa's and David Foote's Year 9 Urban Art classes to create this dynamic, colourful and large ceramic mosaic mural. It is so large, it has been made in 4 sections. 


Deborah, staff and students have worked together to form the concept, design and utilise many techniques to complete the project to a high degree of quality. 'The Koonung Creek Trail' mural depicts the natural environment, plants and birds, found in the nearby Koonung Creek.  


The mural has been made possible with the generous of support of The City of Whitehorse, K.S.C Parents and Friends Association, Johnson Tiles, and Bunnings Warehouse. 


Many thanks to Mat Douglas and Peter Martin - they have been expertly installing the mural into it's final outdoor display area today. 


The official opening will occur on the 10 October 2019 at 10am. 

Sandy Angliss

Art Technician/Teacher

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