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Time Out - What is it and how does it work

Time out has become part of our school behavioural management strategy for use when a student is behaving inappropriately and a temporary separation from that particular environment may assist in supporting the student to demonstrate appropriate behaviour.

A classroom teacher may send a student to time out if they have failed to meet our behavioural expectations.

In time out a student completes a “Behavioural Reflections Sheet” which asks the student to identify what expectation they did not meet, what behaviours they need to change and what help and support they need to improve their performance in their class.

Prior to the next class (with the same teacher), a restorative conversation between the student and teacher will take place. In this conversation both the teacher and student will have the opportunity to be heard and ways to support the student in class will be discussed. When the student returns to the next class it is to be treated as a fresh start for the student.


Anna Sloane

Assistant Principal Year 7-9

Parents Matter


GameAware Information Sessions

Supported  by Headspace and GMLLEN.


These seminars for parents and professionals, provide further insights into the psychology and culture of gaming. The sessions will also provide information around resources and strategies to better engage and support young people who might have a gaming compulsion.  



Mon 2nd July       6.30 – 8.30pm    At the Bridge Youth Service, 127 Welsford St, Shepparton. To register for this session, please email Alex Bruinier at the Bridge E: or P: 03 5831 2390.



Tue 3rd July         9am – 3.30pm    At Uniting, 219 – 225 Wyndham St, Shepparton. To register for this session, please email Kristen Elliott at Uniting E: or P: 0358 31 6157.


Please advise of any dietary requirements when you register.


Kristen Elliott

School Focused Youth Service Co-ordinator, Uniting Kildonan



Cool Heads Young Driver Program


Berry St Debutante Ball


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Holdiday Netball Clinics


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