Specialist Program

Outdoor Education- Donna Thomas

During our bushwalking program in Term One, students had to follow a different walking tracks with a range of difficulty at each track. Various students would lead the class each week demonstrating leadership and team work skills. Students were also required to use appropriate equipment and suitable clothing for a bushwalk of moderate complexity.


Drivers Education- Isobel Baynes

Students involved in Drivers Education have demonstrated a keen interest in the subject and continue to achieve great results as they move towards getting their licence. Topics we have covered so far include the complexities of getting your licence, understanding road rules and road safety, the laws as an L plate driver and consequences of taking part in high risk behaviours around driving.  Students involved in Year 11/12 Drivers Education participated in an immersive and educational program through Vic Roads in Week 5. The “Road Smart Program” builds on existing road knowledge, skills and behaviours of the students and aims to form the basis for safe driving among young drivers. The Road Smart facilitators delivered an interactive classroom session in which they covered a range of content including safe roads, road worthy vehicles, smart road users and crash statistics.


Students regularly practice their Learners Test Online @ https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/licences/your-ls/get-your-ls/lpt  and you can too!

Music- Justin Hall Sec 7-12

Students have been developing all instrumental skills and music theory through band related tasks this term.  Each class has selected their own song(s) to work on and have divided themselves among the instruments to form a band and rehearse their song with their classmates.

P.E - Hayley Northridge

The emphasis for Secondary 9/10 and 11/12 has been basketball and cricket. The students have worked hard on their sportsmanship and good team work. They have also transferred their own individual abilities into game situations.


Digital Technology- Jess Mitchell


The year 11/12s are loving their unit – ‘Print it 3D’ – where they get to create objects with a 3D printer.  To start the term, the students practiced using 3D printer pens to trace and draw objects such as rings, glasses and their own designs. They learned how to use the 3D printer pens safely and all the parts of the 3D printer. Students have designed either their own badge or bookmark from scratch using the technical software, TinkerCad. Next term, students will start to think of problems that can be solved with a 3D printed object – I can’t wait to see what they design!

Visual Arts- Vera Mitchell

The students of secondary 11/12 this term have participated in a mixed media program. We have touched drawing, perspective and painting. The students are using everyday items to create a textured background.

Science – Sam Hutson

This term Secondary 11/12 students in the ‘STEM Lab’ Elective, have worked in small groups to complete a number of tasks including creating a whole class Kahoot quiz on Science Safety, Lego Building Challenges and Lego Coding activities. During a four week period, students worked in small groups to design, contribute to and create a Kahoot quiz, with the purpose of teaching students at Concord School about safety in the science lab. Students identified and chose safety rules that they thought were essential for staying safe during science activities, developing a quiz question for each rule and choosing an appropriate image to prompt support their question. Both Monday and Tuesday classes swapped and tested each Kahoot, giving constructive feedback on the quiz and making appropriate adjustments. These Kahoot quizzes will be used in future science safety sessions for all Secondary 7-12 Science classes for the remainder of the 2020 school year.

Food Technology- Jane Stacey


This Term, students have chosen a variety of dishes to prepare and sell to staff to raise money for their chosen charity Oxfam. They have chosen a good variety of dishes to prepare, such as fritters, soup, arancini, curry, pasta and rice meals. Students have worked very hard each week to produce and deliver the dishes. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing them work well as a team and trying new skills.


Jane Stacey

Learning Specialist