Administrative Matters

Annual Administrative Procedures


At the commencement of each year or following enrolment during the school year, the following forms are sent to parents:

  • Confidential Medical Information Form
  • Medical Forms as required
  • Current Contact Information to be updated

It is very important that the above information is returned to school ASAP.

Formal Communication

We understand the importance of keeping families regularly informed about events, activities in the school and day to day student learning. To support this we use a number of strategies to communicate with families including:


Facebook – Social Media is a fantastic way for a school to promote events and celebrate what happens in classrooms on a daily basis. Our Teesdale Primary School Facebook Page has regular posts to inform you about what’s happening at school. Permission is required from families for images of their child/ren to be posted on all online platforms. Full names of students will never be used. Our Parents' Club also has a Facebook page which includes updates and calls for volunteers for Parent run events.


Click here to like our Teesdale Primary School Facebook page.


iNewsletter – In 2019 we moved away from a paper newsletter to a digital edition. The newsletter is emailed out to families on a fortnightly basis. The latest edition can also be accessed via the school website, Sentral and via a link posted to Facebook. 


Through the newsletter we try to keep parents up to date with what is happening at school and within Teesdale, so please be sure to read your copy and mark important dates on your calendar.


Click here to view our latest newsletter.


Parents are welcome to submit school or community items for the newsletter. Items should be handed in by 3:15 p.m. on Monday prior to newsletter day. Space is limited so please keep items to a minimum. Parents can also advertise in the newsletter for a small fee.


Sentral Parent Portal – Sentral is our Learning Management Software and is used to publish reports and support communication between the school and families. This includes a messaging system for teachers and parents to communicate.


Face to face correspondence – As a small country school we still value strong relationships with the families we work with. Approaching teachers to chat about any issues, concerns or ways you can be supporting your child is very welcomed. In doing so please be mindful of suitable times to be speaking with teachers. We encourage this to occur at a scheduled time with your child’s teacher.

Fees and Charges

The State Government provides a grant to schools for each child to assist with requisites. Unfortunately the grant only goes part way to meeting the total costs involved in our programs.

Each year, the Finance Sub‐Committee of School Council meets to consider budgets for all of our programs. To cover the shortfall between the government grant and the total cost, a voluntary levy is set for each of our children. The levy payable at Teesdale Primary School forms an integral part of our budget.


2021 Fees and Charges Per Year Level


Book Packs

The book packs include a whole range of text books, pens, pencils and other items which the children will need during the year.  They are ordered in term 4 and once payment has been received, your book pack will be delivered to your child's classroom ready for the first day of school. Payment dates will be advised to families later in the year. 


In addition to the book packs parents need to supply a pencil case, art smock and library bag.


The school will supply other necessary items and consumables such as specialty papers, printing products and all art supplies. Throughout the year, we will ask you to repeatedly take a check on the condition of some of these items, as some may require replacement during the year.

Monetary Payments

Payments to the school can be made by the following methods:-



Family invoices will be sent home for excursions, camps and fees with details of the BPay reference applicable. Please record your unique BPay reference number which will be issued at the start of the year. 



An EFTPOS facility is available at the office. All credit cards are accepted WITH THE EXCEPTION of American Express. A minimum transaction of $10.00 applies and “cash out” is not available.


Direct Deposit

This facility is available for Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) payments and details will be provided on the family OSHC statement.



If your child is bringing money to school please place it in a secure envelope on which is written: the child’s name, class teacher, amount of money and what the money is for.  Cash is not kept on premises so change is not readily available.


Excursions are organised throughout the year in line with the study units being explored. They provide students with invaluable opportunities to consolidate and extend their understandings and it is important for all students to attend so that they can actively contribute to the discussions that follow.  Notices are sent home via the student together with an excursion envelope for every excursion.

The signed envelope and relevant monies must be returned to the school within the required time frame, to enable students to attend.

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club is a service offered to students, parents and teachers. Brochures advertising a variety of books and computer software are sent home with each student, approximately twice a term.


Purchase of the books is not compulsory and there is no obligation. If you do wish to purchase any goods simply log into the Book Club site and follow the prompts. When the order arrives at school, books are sent home with students.

The School earns “Bonus Points” for each order which can be used to purchase new resources for the Library.