Term Dates

Term 1:  27 January to 1 April 


                Wednesday 27 January (Staff only) 

                Thursday 28 January (Proposed Pupil Free Day)

                Friday 29 January (First day for Year 1 - 6 students) 

                Monday 1 February (First Day for Foundation Students)


Term 2: 19 April to 25 June

Term 3: 12 July to 17 September

Term 4:  4 October to 17 December 

Student Free Days

The day of Term 1 is a student-free day in all government schools to allow for appropriate planning to take place for the arrival of students. Our school elects to take a second curriculum day at the beginning of the year to allow time for staff to plan and prepare for student learning. Each year government schools are provided with student-free days for professional development, school planning and administration, curriculum development, and student assessment and reporting purposes. The student-free days are determined by each individual school. The dates proposed for Teesdale Primary School will be published in the school newsletter, once they have been ratified at School Council. In 2021, the first day for students will be Friday 29th January. The first day for Foundation students will be Monday 1st February. This additional day allows teachers to commence Numeracy and Literacy interviews with students. 

Foundation Times

 School is different from kindergarten in many ways – activities are more structured, great independence is encouraged, concentration is required for extended periods of time, the school day is highly organised and the children have a lot of social and emotional adjustments to make. 


For the first few weeks of the school year, your child will have a shorter school week.  They will be expected at school from 9:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

There will be no school for your Foundation child on Wednesdays in term 1 until after the Labour Day long weekend in March.