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Enrolment Documentation

Thank you for selecting Teesdale Primary School to be a part of your child's education. Please complete and return the Student Enrolment Form below together with the requested documents to the Teesdale Primary School office at your earliest convenience.



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Under the Department of Education and Training Victoria’s Placement Policy, schools are required to prioritise enrolment for students living in that school zone. This has not changed, and the Department always seeks to ensure the policy is applied consistently across the state. 


Parents who want to send their children to schools located outside of their school zone still have this choice. However, students enrolling at a school from within the school zone will have first priority. This is consistent with current policy. The enrolment of students from outside the school zone is subject to capacity and at the discretion of the Principal.


Before you complete the enrolment documentation, please refer to the 'Find My School' website to check if Teesdale Primary School is your nearest government school. Should your address not fall withing the zone for Teesdale Primary School, please contact the school prior to completing an Enrolment Form.


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Proof of residency documentation will be required as part of your child's enrolment.


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