Parent's voice

At the PC meeting today we prepared for the upcoming events at the school in Terms 3 and 4, including Bastille Day, Father’s Day at CJC, a Bingo Event and even plans for the End of Year Party. If you have any suggestions as to activities or ideas that you would like to see at these events, please let us know.  Thank you to all who attended today, put their hand up to help and came with great ideas. 


Volunteering:  The Parent’s Committee will now use the Sign-Up online platform to manage and streamline volunteering at the school. All of the upcoming events where volunteers are required are now online and you can sign up to volunteer ahead of time.  In terms 3 and 4 we have a number of events planned where parent volunteers are needed: 

  • Bastille Day: Friday, 14 July
  • Father’s Day Stall and Breakfast: Friday, 1 September 
  • Stargazing Night: TBD (Science Week depending on the stars aligning)
  • Parent Bingo night (Date TBD)
  • Diwali:  Friday, 17 November 
  • End of Year Party: Friday, 1 December from 3.30 – 6pm 

We hope that this new platform and advance notice will assist families to better plan when they might be able to volunteer at school: 


Parent’s Committee Meetings:  The next PC meeting will be on Friday, 16 July Friday both from 9 - 10 in the staff room. All welcome. If you have a great idea that you want to bring to life at CJC, please come along and join-in. 


Friday Treats:  Friday Treats are on sale every Friday of Term 2 and  Pains au Chocolate from Reverie café will be offered for $4 each. This week we also offered some pastries for Shavout.  As demand for the extra delicious pastries has increased week on week, we have ordered more each Friday going forward families do not miss out. The class volunteer roster is below: 


Term 2 Parent’s Committee Events:  


DateEvent Details  Volunteers  
Postponed -TBASchool Working BeeStudent and parent working bee 

All welcome. 


Friday, 26 May 9- 10 am Parent’s Committee Planning MeetingStaff Room 

All welcome. 


  1. Update on fundraising goals and projects
  • Garden works
  • Toilet upgrade 
  • Uniform shop relocation
  1. Upcoming events to discuss 
  • Bastille Day celebrations
  • Stargazing / Science Week
  • Parent’s Bingo night
  • Father’s Day breakfast/stall
  • End of Year Party brainstorming

To sign up to volunteer to events: 


Friday, 26 May

Special Shavuot Friday treats 


HIB will sell delicious pastries to celebrate Shavuot Nil 

Friday 16, June

9-10 am

Parent’s Committee Planning MeetingStaff RoomAgenda as above.
Friday, 23 JuneNAIDOC week* Profits of the Friday Treats will be donated *CJC is celebrating early due to School Holidays



A reminder to have your Working With Children Check if you wish to volunteer at the school. Applying is free:


You can contact us with ideas or support at To become a PC member please join here: PC Membership Form


Amy Pate – President, Rachael Hart – Secretary, Anne-Sophie Aguado – Treasurer and Martine Inge – Head Convenor.