School Council

The CJC School Council met on 15 May 2023

Council enjoyed an in-depth presentation and demonstration of the new reading program and related resources being used in the Little Learners Love Literacy program.

Here are the key points discussed at our most recent meeting:


We discussed how we can ensure the School Council remains open and relevant to what the CJC community needs. Part of it is to ensure that we cover the areas that are of concerns for our community, but also making sure we offer ways for people to express their feedback and ideas to the School Council. This will be an ongoing question and challenge to the School Council members so that we can best serve our community.



The ANZAC service at the cenotaph was well run by school leaders and we hosted the Mayor and local member at this important school remembrance ceremony.



We have had few Covid-19 positive cases reported from our community. This information is broadly communicated to staff and classes. We ask families to continually monitor their children and unwell children should be at home.



We are currently hosting staff from New Caledonia who are working alongside CJC staff in their classrooms. This initiative is supported by the AFEBBS group and is an opportunity to build learning networks for staff and students, foster collaboration and raise the profile of our school more broadly



We recently sent the school voluntary contributions letter to the community to remind the importance of these funds for the students’ curriculum. The School Council will keep on monitoring the levels of the contributions.



We are progressing well on our renovation plans for the buildings and grounds of the school, including the removal of the sand pit and replacement with artificial turf and upgrades to the new office.

The school conducted a decontamination and  fogging to remove some of the mould in the junior building as part of its maintenance. 



We discussed the School Uniform Policy, including the need to be more specific about wearing correct sports attire during sport days and athletic events. 

Physical Education is essential for children and they should wear appropriate clothes and shoes.