Classroom News 

Year 3/4 Learning Dispositions 

This week the Year 3/4's are looking at the Learning Disposition "Curiosity". First we made our 'Curiosity Glasses', then we went out into the school yard and lay down to look at the sky.  


We came up with some wonderings about the clouds.

Why are some clouds flat and some puffy? Brian

Why do we see clouds sometimes but not always? Julian

Why are some clouds different colours (shades - grey, black etc)? Zane

What are the names of the different clouds? Hansvi

Why are the clouds up so high? Caitlin

Can you touch clouds? Sinchan


We then looked at some of the plants and trees.

Why do some roses have spikes on them and others don’t? Enock

Why are some roses different colours? Sheen

Why is the tree (near the slide) shaped like a heart? Isabelle

Why do trees and plants grow out of soil? Amelia

Why are some trees darker than others? Enock

Why do the trees change colours with different seasons? Isabelle

Why is the sky sometimes hazy? Ethan

In our Design Project time we will be researching our wonderings. 

P-2 Need Your Help!

In P-2 we are after old appliances that we can 'tinker' with as part of a discovery learning activity. If you have any appliances that are no longer in use and would like to donate them to us, please bring them into the P-2 area and see Alexandra or Bethany. Thank-you!