School Council News

Traffic Working Party

The first meeting of the Traffic Working Party was held and we are keen to get greater input from the parent community.  The scope of our work will include:

  • Look at parking restrictions around the school and the impact on staff, students, parents and neighbours
  • What parking restrictions can we and/or should we influence?
  • Safe Routes to School – assistance from Stonnington
  • Travel Surveys – parents and students
  • Parent traffic safety education
  • Student traffic safety education

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 6th November at 6.30pm (in the Staff Room)

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Dear parents, after 18 month planning process, and a commitment from the Spring Fair funds as well as a significant contribution from the Parents Association, the Buildings and Grounds Committee did an amazing job in tendering and selecting a vendor for the grass work. 

The oval areas have now been completed, providing more space for students to play, particularly during recess and lunch time. Im sure you will all agree the new oval and entire playground looks amazing, a big thank you to the entire Committee Richard Casey, Jenny Diab, Robyn James, Nick Lehman, Ali Ross, Jesse Spatt, Stephaine Spincer & Olivia Willee for their work in this area.

Next Working Bee – 17th November @ 8.30am to 12.30pm

Scope of works include:

  • completing the construction of the middle garden
  • planting the middle garden
  • planting the garden under the gum near the BBQ
  • more planting on the mound
  • painting of garden retaining wall
  • painting of seats

School Council Meetings

The dates and times of the next School Council and Committee Meetings are as follows:

Traffic Working Party: Wednesday 6th November - 6.30pm

Buildings, Grounds and Sustainability: Thursday 7th November - 6.30pm

Education and Policy: TBA

Finance: Tuesday 12th November - 5.45pm

Parent Association: Wednesday 12th November – 7:30pm  Tom Pockett

School Council: Monday 28th October – 7.30pm


Jim Giannopoulos

School Council President